PUBG Mobile 1.4 version has arrived for about a month with lots of new features. When many PUBG Mobile players haven't experienced all these new game modes, PUBG Mobile Beta 1.5 made a storm in this game community. Here are some upcoming features in this next update.

PUBG Mobile Beta 1.5 Features

The Beta version of PUBG Mobile version 1.5 is making a lot of players excited. It unveils plenty of new fantastic features that can make most players anticipated. Here are many new features that will come to this game. After the PUBG New State Close Alpha Test, this Beta version of Update 1.5 will open the future of this game.

Pubg Mobiel Mg3
PUBG Mobile Beta 1.5 will introduce many new features.

#1. New Weapon MG3

The new light machine gun (LMG) MG3 will come to PUBG Mobile earlier than planned. Therefore, you will have the chance to experience this new gun in the upcoming update 1.5. Then, the long-serving LMG M249 will leave the airdrop. MG3 offers two shooting modes, including 660rmp and 990rmp.

Mg3 Pubg Mobile
MG3 will come earlier.

In 660rpm mode, it's pretty similar to the old airdrop LMG M249. But in 990rpm mode, MG3 becomes a beast with the highest rate of fire in this game.

#2. New Matrix Arena Mode

PUBG Mobile players can experience a new game mode called Matrix Arena on Erangel map. It will bring you to a futuristic Erangel map where everything is totally automatic. Let's take a tour around Erangel in 2051 and explore this new game mode with us.

Pubg Mobile Hyperlines
Hyperlines are also added.
  • Hyperlines is a new vehicle in Matrix Arena. You can see the locations of stations and routes marked on the minimap. These futuristic trams run in the air on a pre-designed route. Each tramcar has two ways and it stops at the stations for a few seconds to pick up passengers. The time the tramcar arrives will be displayed at the station.
  • Tactical Telescope is a new facility that gives you a longer and larger view for long-range observation and marker. It also lets you know the distance between the target and you.
New Motorcycle
New motorcycle to traverse the map.
  • The anti-gravity motorcycle is another new vehicle that also flies near the ground. But unlike the auto-tramcar, you can drive and move on the way you want. Besides, this new vehicle is pretty fast and cool. It has two seats for a driver and a passenger like a normal motorbike.
General Guardian Robot
General Guardian Robot helps players loot faster
  • General Guardian Robot is a useful robotic companion that looks like a dog. It has a radar scanner on its head that can locate high-standard supplies in the surrounding area.
  • Riot Shield also appears in this PUBG Mobile Beta 1.5 update. It works like the shield that many of you have experienced in the PUBG New State Alpha test.
Air Conveyor
New machine: Air Conveyor
  • Air Conveyor Launcher is a special machine that launches players into the air. Then, you can fly to the aimed places faster but you won't die from falling. The game will give you a parachute in the backpack to land safely.
  • Victory Statue will be granted for the winner at the end of the match.

#3. Updated Gameplay

The new PUBG Mobile 1.5 update also brings many useful features, such as low-HP warning or reload warning. In addition, players can throw consumables, such as energy drinks, bandages, and painkillers. There is a new auto-jump button that lets you reach the marked location when you are AFK.

Throw Medicine
You can throw medicines

In addition, the light effect and graphics are also improved to make the game more realistic. Besides, developers also added glass windows like in PUBG PC.

How To Download PUBG Mobile Beta 1.5?

To experience this Beta version of PUBG Mobile Update 1.5, you need to download the APK file of PUBG Mobile Beta 1.5. Then, follow these steps to download and install this game version:

  • Allow your phone to install from Unknown Sources in the Privacy Setting.
  • Next, open the Download manager, locate and install PUBG Mobile Beta 1.5.
  • Open the game and log in.

Then, you can experience this Beta version of PUBG Mobile 1.5 before the official update is released.

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