Submachine guns (SMGs) are very popular in PUBG Mobile, especially in close combat. It's the most recommended secondary weapon for all roles and strategies in this shooting game. Here are the 5 best SMGs in PUBG Mobile you should use.

#1. UMP45

UMP45 is the most balanced and easy-to-use SMG. It has a significant damage point of 38. UMP45 and highly recommended in close combat due to its stability and reliability. Moreover, this SMG has an impressively high firing rate and very low recoil.

Ump45 Pubg Mobile
UMP45 is insane

Apart from close-range fights, UMP45 is also effective in mid-range combat because this gun supports almost all scope, except for 8x scope. With a full set of best attachments, this SMG is more powerful and deadly on the battleground.

#2. Thompson

Thompson or Tommy gun is the second-best SMG in this shooting game with a high damage point of 40 per hit - the highest damage point in the SMG category. Furthermore, it also has the largest ammo capacity.

Thompson Gun
Thompson gun

It holds 35 - 50 bullets per load. It makes this gun very powerful in close combat, especially within a 38-meter range. The weakness of this gun is its recoil. Due to the high rate of fire, the Tommy gun is one of the most hard-to-control submachine guns in PUBG Mobile.

#3. PP-19 Bizon

The average damage point of PP-19 Bizon is 35 per hit. Besides, the effective range of this gun is 33 meters. It offers two firing modes: single and full-auto. It seems to be very normal. But this gun has a very large ammo capacity of 53 rounds per load. It only supports a muzzle and a scope. Besides, PP-19 Bizon is very stable making it a useful gun for close combat and rushes.

Bizon Pubg Mobile Stats
PP-19 Bizon's statistics.

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#4. Vector

It's one of the most favorite submachine guns for 20-meter range fights in PUBG Mobile. The strong points of this SMG are its super high rate of fire and super low recoil. Moreover, it supports many attachments to make bullets more accurate. However, its ammo capacity is pretty low. It can hold only 19 - 25 rounds per load.

Vector Pubg Mobile
Vector is one of the most favorite SMGs in PUBG Mobile.

#5. MP5K

The base damage of MK5K is 33 HP per hit. Its maximum effective range is 30 meters. MP5K is one of the most flexible submachine guns with three firing modes: single, burst, and full-auto.

Moreover, MP5K also supports all types of attachments, such as mag, muzzle, foregrip, stock, and scope. It's the ideal weapon for close and mid-range combat. Its rate of fire reaches 900 rounds per minute. Moreover, MK5K can hold 30 - 40 bullets per load like all ARs in this game.

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