Both M16A4 and Mk47 Mutant are among the most underrated weapons in PUBG Mobile. However, you shouldn't ignore them when you don't have many choices. Let's see which semi-AR is better to pick up if both of them are in your area.

M16A4 Vs Mk47 Mutant Weapon Comparison

M16A4 uses 5.56mm ammo while Mk47 Mutant uses 7.62mm ammo. Therefore, their statistics are very different. Although they are among the worst weapons in PUBG Mobile, these semi-ARs are still useful in some cases.

M16a4 Pubg
Both Mk47 and M16A4 are semi-auto guns.

#1. Base Damage

The base damage of Mk47 Mutant is higher than M16A4. In specific, The headshot damage point of Mk47 is 110.1 while it's 94 in M16A4. Besides, the chest damage point of Mutant is 47.9 while it's 40.9 in M16A4. The base damage to the arms and legs of Mk47 is also higher. Therefore, you need fewer bullets to finish enemies with Mk47 Mutant.

Base Damage Comparison
Mk47 has higher base damage than M16A4.

#2. Recoil

As it uses bigger bullets, MK47 has higher recoil than M16A4. The vertical recoil of Mk47 nearly doubles the vertical recoil of M16A4. Therefore, it's harder to keep the crosshair stable when you tap consecutively in the burst mode. You can easily feel that the barrel of Mk47 bound a lot when you tap at high speed.

Recoil Comparison
M16A4 is more stable than Mk47 Mutant.

#3. Rate Of Fire

It's hard to measure the firing rate of these two semi-auto assault rifles because it depends on the tapping of each player. Some players can tap quickly while others will tap slowly. However, Mk47 allows players to tap faster. Whereas, the semi-AR M16A4 has a short delay after a burst fire. Therefore, Mk47 is a better choice for close combat.

The rate of fire of semi-ARs depends on the tapping speed of players.

Tips To Use Semi-ARs In PUBG Mobile

You should only use these Semi-AR when you can't loot any full-auto AR in your area after landing. If you find both Mk47 and M16A4, pick up Mk47 and try to control the gun recoil. This 7.62 semi-AR MK47 is more powerful than M16A4 in close combat. The 4-finger claw setting is the key to tap faster and increase the rate of fire when you use a semi-AR.

If you are not good at recoil control, you should use the weaker but more stable one - M16A4. It's better to use a compensator for a semi-AR because it makes the crosshair not move too far between two fires. Moreover, M16A4 is better for mid-range combat. You can use it as a DMR because of its stability.

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