Anti-aliasing is a special feature that a lot of PUBG Mobile players often ignore. Check out what it is and how to use PUBG Mobile anti-aliasing in mid-2021 here.

What is PUBG Mobile Anti-Aliasing?

Anti-aliasing is a graphics feature that can affect your gameplay and experience in PUBG Mobile. This option makes the game texture look smooth when you move the camera. When you turn it on, you can feel the effect of this graphic feature during the game.

Anti Aliasing Make Everything Smooth
Anti Aliasing makes everything look more smooth.

The texture does not break or blur after enabling this option. The graphics look more realistic and players will have a better experience.

Should you enable Anti-Aliasing in PUBG Mobile?

This feature of anti-aliasing in PUBG Mobile is excellent. However, you should only enable it if you have a high-end or at least mid-end device. This option is a key to turn the advanced graphic option. It requires great power. But this option does not affect your gameplay. It only improves the graphic experience of gamers.

Hold On And Wait
Anti Aliasing does not affect your gameplay.

It does not help you spot enemies faster or easier. All objects are identical in both Anti-aliasing on and Anti-aliasing off. Sometimes, when you turn off this option, the graphics look sharper. It may help you identify snakes easier. But it does not work for all situations.

Anti Aliasing Effect
It does not help you spot enemies easier or faster.

Although anti-aliasing does not affect your gameplay, you should still enable it if your device is good enough. This option helps fix all lightning glitches in this game. Sometimes, players get distracted by these glitches because it looks pretty like a moving object when you move the camera consecutively. Then, you can miss the real enemies.

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Solo Vs Squad
You should enable it if you have a high-end device.

If your device is not very strong, disable it because it may cause lag. The high-quality graphic mode requires a lot of power and storage capacity in your smartphone. Don't use it if your phone can't bear it because lag is more deadly than lightning glitches and pixelated images.

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