PUBG Mobile K/D ratio will show off your skills and professional level in shooting skills. You already know many tips to increase this ratio. However, the gameplay always changes, so you also need new tips to increase the K/D ratio in PUBG Mobile as below.

#1. Don't Waste Your Time In Looting

To get more kills in this shooting game, you should land on hot-drop locations to make sure that there are at least two teams landing with you. Don't waste your time in looting. Instead, you should engage early and be greedy for kills right from the beginning of the match.

Choose Hot Drop Locations
Choose a hot-drop location to land.

If you waste too much time looting in PUBG Mobile, your enemies will be killed by other players. Or else, they will be well geared. Then, you will have more difficulties in killing them. It's easier to kill them when they are more vulnerable.

Engage Right Away
Engage right away after landing.

#2. Go Searching For Enemies

After clearing that hot-drop location, you need to go to find enemies. The airdrop location is often crowded. You can find at least one team near the airdrop. You can also find some teams when going around the white circle.

Go To Hunt Enemies
Go hunting enemies to get more kills.

Or else, your team can head to the center of the map or camp along the way to the playing zone. For example, you can camp on some bridges or on the river banks where players need to cross to enter the safe zone.

Camp Enemies
You can camp around the white circle.

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#3. Good Teamwork

Another pro tip to increase the K/D ratio in PUBG Mobile is good teamwork. If you go solo vs squad, you have more chance to be killed. You need teammates for backups and covers. Don't be too confident because you don't know whether you will encounter a team of pro players or not.

Dont Leave Your Team
Don't leave your squad.

It's very risky to go solo vs squad. If the full team rushes you with a good tactic, you are more likely to die. If you die soon without kills, your KD ratio will definitely drop. Therefore, try to win in squad vs squad. Don't leave your squad and be an easy target.

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