PUBG Mobile introduced adorable Buddy Godzilla and Buddy Kong in the companion system. Don't miss this chance to have these adorable companions before they're gone.

About Buddy Godzilla And Buddy Kong

The companion systems welcomed two new arrivals, Buddy Kong and Buddy Godzilla. They are the chibi version of two main Titans, Kong and Godzilla. They come with exclusive emotes that you have never seen before. You can go to the Companion system in the Workshop to see them.

Buddy Godzilla
The companion systems welcomed Buddy Godzilla and Buddy Kong.

PUBG Mobile players can bring these new companions to the battlefield with you. When you land on the ground, these buddies will also be with you. They will accompany to bring you more fun during the match. When you are in the water, these adorable buddies will swim behind you.

Buddy Kong
They arrived with exclusive emotes.

You can also teach your cute buddies how to fight. Buddy Kong has a bigger and bolder personality while Buddy Godzilla is more relaxed. Although they have short legs, they can still keep pace with you when you run. Buddy Kong and Buddy Godzilla will always be behind you when you turn your head.

Adorable Buddies
Let's try to get these adorable buddies before they are gone.

However, they cannot climb the walls like you. Therefore, they will find a way to get to the other side. Besides, these companions perform their own entertainment emotes when you don't move. For example, Buddy Kong plays with its chopper toy, and Buddy Godzilla plays with its tails.

How To Get Buddy Godzilla And Buddy Kong?

It looks very cool when you wear the Kong costume or Godzilla set and bringing these companions with you. The Godzilla set is available in the Godzilla Spin available from May 18th to June 7th.

Hola Buddy Event
Get these adorable buddies in the Hola Buddy Event.

The Godzilla Suit and the Kong Suit can be obtained from the Hola Buddy event in PUBG Mobile update 1.4. This time-limited event is live between May 11th to July 5th. It's also the only chance to get Buddy Godzilla and Buddy Kong.

It works like a Lucky Spin which you need to pay UC to join. The first spin of the day costs you 10 UC. Meanwhile, 10 spins cost players 600UC.

Godzilla Buddu
They will bring more fun to players during the classic matches and special mode.

You can use the Hola Buddy vouchers to reduce 30 - 50UC. These vouchers Traverse-themed Log-in event between May 25th and June 1st. Let's try to get these outfit sets and take your Buddy Kong or Buddy Godzilla to meet the Kong Titan and Godzilla Titan in the special Titan Strikes mode.

Get Godzilla Set
Get Kong and Godzilla Sets from this spin to wear and take your cute Kong or Godzilla to meet the Titans.

Don't miss this chance to obtain cute Buddy Godzilla and energetic Buddy Kong before this event ends on July 5th. After the spin finishes, you cannot get these special companions anymore. After getting these buddies, you can use companion food to upgrade them and get unique emotes.

Kong Set
These special sets are also available to get from Hola Buddy spin.

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