Mechagodzilla has come to Livik. It makes plenty of PUBG Mobile gamers excited with new exciting gameplay and lots of fantastic experiences. Check out the new gameplay of PUBG Mobile Titan Strike Livik as well as some tips to win.

1. PUBG Mobile Titan Strikes Update On Livik

Mechagodzilla has come to the map Livik in PUBG Mobile on May 20th. It's located in the East Port on the East coast on this map. PUBG Mobile has revealed a trailer of this Titan. The teaser video title 'The Last Stand' features the battle of three main Titans in this update, including Kong, Godzilla, and Mechagodzilla.

Mechagodzilla is available on the map Livik now.

Kong and Godzilla have arrived in Sanhok and Erangel on May 11th and 15th. The location of this robotic titan is fixed in East Port. While Kong and Godzilla, Mechagodzilla will never walk on this small map. You can check out the location of this titan on the mini-map. This titan is a robotic Godzilla with a ferocious red gaze and steel body.

Godzilla Vs Mechagodzilla
PUBG Mobile made an exciting trailer video for this last titan of the Titan Strike update.

Before the official launch of this robotic titan, PUBG Mobile also revealed some brief information about it in a trailer video of the game mode Titan Strikes. For example, it unveils the power of this titan and how to use its power. But now, you can play and experience it on the map Livik.

2. About PUBG Mobile Titan Strikes APK

To play this new mode, you need to download PUBG Mobile version 1.4. Players who have got the latest update on App Store or Google Play Store can go to the mode selection section to check out whether they have downloaded the resource package for Livik or not. If you haven't download the map Livik, tap on the play button to get the resource package for this map.

Mechagodzilla Hot Drop Location
The spawn location of Mechagodzilla is often a hot-drop place.

Then, select this map and put a tick on the Mechagodzilla mode. Then, enter the match and play with the last Titan in this new update. If you cannot download this update from the App Store and Google Play Store, you need to download the APK file of this update that includes the PUBG Mobile Titan Strike Livik

3. How To Download PUBG Mobile Titan Strike Livik APK?

First, you can choose to download the PUBG Mobile Titan Strike update full version or compact version at The compact file is smaller in size, so it's more suitable for low-end devices.

Download Apk Version
You can download the APK file of this update to install the game.

Next, locate the file in the download manager on your phone and select it. Then, choose to install the game app. Before that, you may need to allow your device to install from an unknown source. Wait until the installation is completed.

Titan Details
You can check out Titan's introductions on the official website of PUBG Mobile.

Then, the game app will be displayed on the phone screen. Open the game app and log in. Then, open the game mode list and check out whether the Livik resource package is downloaded or not.  Next, you can choose this map with Mechagodzilla mode.

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4. PUBG Mobile Titan Strike Livik Gameplay & Tactics

Mechagodzilla is the last Titans to come to this game in the Titan Strikes event. Most PUBG Mobile players have experienced and mastered Titan Strikes mode when playing with Kong and Godzilla in Erangel and Sanhok. Therefore, it's pretty easy to play with this last Titan.

Mechagodzilla Location Fixed
Mechagodzilla is the last Titans to come to this game in the Titan Strikes event.

Mechagodzilla Gameplay

The gameplay is not very different from Kong and Godzilla mode. However, it has different powers: scanning and locating players. You don't need to land on the location of this Titans because its titan crystals are dropped in a random place on this map.

Titan Crystals
Mechagodzilla releases a red atomic ray and drops red titan crystal with a scanning effect.

Like Kong and Godzilla, the power of this titan is released after it roars. You can check the mini-map to locate the area of effect. There are two circle red zones on the map, the bigger circle is the bomb zone, the smaller one is the place of effect where Mechagodzilla's power is released.

Kong Vs Mechagodzilla
Mechagodzilla is very powerful that can fight against Kong and Godzilla.

Mechagodzilla Tactics

A lot of players will choose to land on the East Port to see the Mechagodzilla. Therefore, this place is more crowded than the normal map. If you want to play aggressively, choose to land around this place. If you want to play safely, choose another location far away from Mechagodzilla's location to land.

Mechagodzilla Power
This dangerous titan is equipped with advanced technologies to defeat all enemies.

Land on the center of the map and use a vehicle to get to the place of Mechagodzilla crystal. Like the two other modes, the red zone of titan's attack often has many players. If you are inside that area, stay alert because many players are around. Pick up the crystals and obtain the power. Then, you can locate other players around you.

Mechagodzilla Set
Players also have a chance to get the Mechagodzilla set from the Premium crate.

Mechagodzilla can be used as a throwable. You throw it to a designed point and it will scan the area around. The area of scanning will be marked in blue on the minimap. Then, it lets you know the locations of opponents in that area.

Those are things you need to know about PUBG Mobile Titan Strike Livik, such as download guide and gameplay. Just try and enjoy it before it's removed on June 8th.

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