PUBG Mobile Lite is the light version of PUBG Mobile. Most game modes, gears, and features are retained, including all weapons. Check out the PUBG Lite gun damage list 2021 to find out the best gun in this shooting game here.

About PUBG Mobile Lite Weapons

PUBG Mobile lite classic also has eight weapons categories like PUBG Mobile and PUBG PC, including assault rifles, sniper rifles, submachine guns, designed marksman rifles, pistols, light machine guns, and shotguns.

Pubg Mobile Lite Weapons
PUBG Mobile lite has eight weapons categories in the weapon list.

Each type of weapon helps players deal with different ranges of fire. Veterans will know how to use those weapons for different distances. However, rookies need to learn how to use these weapons for different ranges of combat.

Pubg Lite Guns
PUBG Mobile Lite gun list is pretty the same as the weapon lists of PUBG PC and PUBG Mobile.
  • Melees, Pistols, and Shotguns: These weapons are best used for close fights and face-to-face combat. It's effective within 5 - 25 meters.
  • Submachine guns (SMGs): These guns are best designed for close combat, from 50 to 300 meters. They often have two firing modes, including full-auto and single. Moreover, SMGs often have ideal rates of fire (0.048s - 0.086s).
Uzi Pubg Mobile
SMGs are the best guns for close combat due to their high rate of fire.
  • Assault Rifles (ARs): ARs are best designed for mid-range combat. These guns have high rates of fire, base damage, and ammo capacity. ARs are the most popular weapons in this game.
  • Sniper Rifles & Designed marksman rifles: SRs and DMRs are the best weapons for long-range combat. Bolt-action snipers have the longest range and highest hit damage. DMRs have higher rates of fire than bolt-action SRs.
Pubg Mobile Ar
Assault Rifles are the most favorite weapons in this shooting game.
  • Light-machine guns include M248 and DP-28. The most significant feature of this weapon category is the large bullet capacity. It's best designed for short and mid-range combat. You can also use DP-28 to shoot in long-range combat.
Pubg Mobile Player
Bolt-action SRs and DMRs are designed for long-range combat.

Moreover, most of those weapons spawn on the map while some of them only appear in the airdrops.

PUBG Lite Gun Damage List 2021

Damage is the most important status in the weapon comparison. It will indicate that your weapon is strong or weak. Therefore, you should take it into consideration when choosing the best guns to master and play. Let's check out the weapon damage list of PUBG Mobile Lite 2021.

Pubg Mobile Weapon Damage
Understanding the weapon's power helps you play better in this battle royale game.
  • ARs' Damage List

ARs are the most favorite weapon category in this game thanks to their high damage. There are 10 ARs in this game. Many of them have the same base damage. Let's check out the damage status of the most popular ARs in PUBG Mobile Lite below:

Ar Damage Status
Damage status of ARs in PUBG Mobile Lite.
  • Bolt-Action SRs

There are 4 bolt-action sniper rifles in PUBG Mobile Lite now, including AWM, Kar98k, M24, and Winchester (Win94).

Bolt Action Srs
Bolt-action SRs often have high base damage.
  • DMRs

There are six DMRs in this game. These DMRs are designed for long-range combat, so they often have ideal base damage stats.

Dmr Damage Stats
DMRs are so strong that you can kill an enemy with only 2 to 4 accurate bullets.
  • SMGs

This game has six SMGs with different damage stats. Check them out below.

Smg Damage Status
SMGs are the best weapons for short-range combat due to their high rates of fire.

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  • LMGs

There are two LMGs in this game, including M249 and DP-28. The M249 only spawns in the airdrop.

Pubg Mobile Lite Lmg Stats
Both M249 and DP-28 have high base damage.
  • Shotguns & Pistols

Shotguns are very powerful in short-range combat. Pistols are very easy to loot but these weapons are often underrated.

Shotguns And Pistol Damage
Shotguns and Pistols are often underrated because of low damage or rate of fire.

Which Gun Is The Best Damage In PUBG Lite?

Apart from damage, the rate of fire and range of effects also indicates the power of weapons. Base on these stats, you can pick up the best gun for each squad role or gameplay. Here are the best weapon for assaulters, snipers, and supporters in this game.

Pubg Mobile Best Guns
You will be able to conquer the mao if you can pick up the best gun.

#1. Best Guns For Assaulters

Groza, surpassing AUG A3,is the best gun for assaulters in PUBG Mobile Lite. This AR has high hit damage, a high rate of fire, and acceptable recoil. Groza is also the most stable gun among 7.62 weapons in this game. That's why it's only spawned in the airdrop to maintain the balance.

Groza Pubg Games
Groza is the best weapon for assaulters in PUBG Mobile Lite.

Another choice for assaulters is M416. It's also one of the most favorite weapons in all PUBG games. This AR is very reliable for short and mid-range combat. You can spray bullets with very low recoil.

#2. Best Guns For Snipers

AWM is definitely the best bolt-action sniper rifle in this game with super high hit damage. It lets you kill an enemy with one bullet only. However, AWM is pretty rare in this game because it only spawns in the airdrop.

Pubg Mobile Slr
Apart from AWM, SLR is also an excellent gun for long-range combat in PUBG Lite.

SLR is another good choice for sniper players. It uses 7.66mm ammo, so its base damage is also high. Moreover, SLR has pretty high accuracy and long effective range. You can take the targets down in a few seconds if you tap quickly and aim accurately.

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#3. Best Guns For Squad Supporters

DP-28 is the most highly recommended weapon for supporters in PUBG Mobile Lite. With large ammo capacity and high base damage, this weapon allows you to cause a great amount of damage to enemies and contribute damage to clear enemy teams quickly.

Dp 28 Pubg Lite
DP-28 is the best gun for supporters in PUBG Mobile Lite.

Moreover, this LMG has a pair of bipods to make it more stable when you crouch or prone to fire. A full load of ammo can hold up to 47 bullets. So, you don't need to reload ammo in the middle of combat.

Those are the best weapons based on the PUBG Lite gun damage list 2021. You also need to improve your aiming and shooting skills or you still lose if you have the best weapons.

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