Team Deathmatch is an exciting game mode with fast-paced close combat. To win every match in this fast-paced game mode, you need to have excellent close combat skills. Here are the top 7 pro tips to become a TDM conqueror in PUBG Mobile.

#1. Secret Place To Use TPP

Many players think that the container in front of your house is the best place to scout enemies. However, the view from this spot is limited but the risk is very high. This container is not a good cover to hide and scout. The best place to use TPP and spot enemies is the low wall at the door of the warehouse. You can sit there, use TPP mode, and observe enemies rushing from the warehouse or from outside.

Best Place To Scout
This is the best place to scout.

#2. Use The Ledge Grab To Hide

Although the container is not a good place to hide and camp, you can use the shield on the container to cover when throwing grenades. Besides, you can hold there in some early minutes to camp and shoot down the enemy rushers.

Climb Like This To Hide Safely
You climb to the container like this to hide safely.

If you walk straight over the stair to go behind the shield, enemies can spot and kill you easily. Instead, pro players use the ledge grab skill to jump to climb up the container. It's hard for enemies to see you climbing and standing there. It's a pro tip to become a TDM Conqueror.

#3. Blocked Sight Warning Off

When you play with the default setting, your crosshair is often blocked when you standing too close to the cover. But if you turn off Blocked Side warning and Peek & Fire options in the Setting, you can spray while standing behind the cover. However, this tip may make the enemy think that you are a hacker. Therefore, you should peek out of the cover to fire.

Peek Out And Fire
Turn off the blocked sight warning.

#4. Wall Jump Shot

There is a low wall where many players often use to hide near the house of the enemy team. It's very risky if you open the angle and face enemies to shoot. Instead, you can jump and shoot through the wall after turning off the Blocked Sighted Warning.

Jump Shot
The wall jump shot is a pro skill for PUBG Mobile players in both TDM and classic modes.

Step back a little and jump to shoot through the upper edge of that wall. It's a safe tip to rush enemies and become a TDM ConquerorDon't stand too close to the wall and jump or you will be blocked. It can expose your head to let the opponent kill you with a headshot.

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#5. Best Place To Throw Grenades

You can see a low wooden house in front of your spawning location. It's a perfect place to lie and throw grenades. The enemy cannot spot you when you lie there. Don't stand on the top of the houses, walls, or containers to cook grenades or you will be killed easily.

Lie And Throw Grenades
This low roof is the best place to throw grenades.

#6. Don't Use Slide To Rush

The TDM mode allows players to slide on the ground to dodge bullets or rush. However, you shouldn't use this movement when rushing the enemy because it's less effective than the drop bullet movement. You won't help you improve your gameplay in the classic mode as expected because the slide is not available in rank mode.

Sliding In Tdm
Sliding in TDM won't help you improve your gameplay in the classic mode.

#7. Grenades and Bait

Another TDM Conqueror tip is baiting enemies when throwing grenades. You can throw the grenade to a spot that the opponent will obviously stand to shoot you when you expose your body. Then, reveal yourself quickly to bait and make the enemy step to the grenade location. Then, Boom! Sometimes, it can kill some noobs.

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