PUBG Mobile India is coming back to the country and now players are preparing themselves for an impressive return. Among all the obstacles in the game, apartment camper is often big trouble to PUBG Mobile players. It will be pretty hard to eliminate these apartment campers and rush their apartments without pro tips.

Check top 4 tips to kill apartment camper in PUBG Mobile from GuruGamer below!

#1. Using Smoke And Frag Grenades

All apartments in PUBG Mobile have windows and doors. Moreover, some apartments even have balconies where campers can stay there to camp. Besides, many big apartments have many rooms for enemies to hide. Therefore, you shouldn't rush these apartments directly.

Locate The Apartment Campers
You need to locate the campers in a multi-story building.

Here are two ways to rush with grenades:

  • If you have a lot of frag grenades in your backpack, spam explosions to clear apartment campers. You should cook grenades before throwing and spam grenades to different corners if you don't know the exact position of the campers.
Spam Grenades
Spam grenades to kill campers without having to rush.
  • If you want to rush the apartment, throw some smoke grenades to blind enemies. The effective time of stun grenade can be short. So, throw a smoke grenade to cover the staircase so that the enemies won't spot you when you rush through the stairs.

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Prefire When Rushing
Prefire when you decide to rush without gears.

#2. Dividing Your Team

If the campers get rushed, they often jump out through the windows and balconies. Therefore, you should divide your team into two duos. Two fraggers can push through the stairs. They need to have great shooting still and close combat skills.

Camp Under Windows
A member of your team should camp under the window.

The two supporters need to camp under windows or balconies to kill the opponents when they try to escape. The supporters can help fraggers throw stun grenades and frag grenades to blind campers or make them weaker.

#3. Contributing Damage

Contribute damage is an important tip to clear apartment campers. It means that all squad members need to contribute damage to cause enough damage to the target to eliminate them. To contribute damage, at least two players need to go together. Keep moving jiggle to dodge bullets and firing to the same target to contribute damage.

Contribute Damage
Go together to contribute damage.

#4. Using Cars To Climb Windows

There are many 2-story houses in Erangel, Livik, and Miramar. You can use a truck or UAZ to climb to the second floor through the windows. These cars and trucks are high enough for you to step on and climb to the window.

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