PUBG Mobile is going to release a new PvE mode titled 'The Last Stand'. It will bring you to a fierce but exciting cinematic battle among three Titans of this update: Kong and Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla.

What is The Last Stand mode?

In this exciting game mode of PUBG Mobile, you will partner up with two Titans Kong and Godzilla to defeat the dangerous Mechagodzilla Titan. According to the newest trailer video, this new game mode will come to the game on May 25th, 2021. Besides, it will take place offshore the Erangel sea.

Pubg Mobile The Last Stand
The Last Stand is an upcoming PvE mode.

This game mode will bring you to the movie Kong vs Godzilla. However, it's not the battle between these two Titans. Instead, Kong and Godzilla will battle with the high-tech titan Mechagodzilla. It's an interesting part of the PUBG Mobile 1.4 update.

PUBG Mobile The Last Stand Gameplay

You will spawn in a military ship with three other players with nothing to fight. You need to wait for a minute until the loot boxes to loot. When Mechagodzilla spawns, its location is marked on the radar map at the top right corner of the phone screen.

Fight Off Mechagodzilla
Use RPG and M249 to shoot and try to destroy Mechagodzilla.

Sometimes, this Titan will swim near your ship so that you can see it at a very close distance. When it stands next to your ship, the superweapon crates also open. You can loot an RPG rocket launcher and an M249 with unlimited bullets and rockets.

Get In The Chopper
This new game mode brings you to a cinematic battle between  Mechagodzilla vs the army, Kong, and Godzilla.

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How To Defeat Mechagodzilla?

Keep firing to destroy this Titan while dodging the missiles Mechagodzilla launch. Players also need to destroy the drones that it launch to attack them. When you nearly destroy the first shield layer, some weak points will appear on the Titan's body. Let's fire at those points to cause more damage to the Titan.

Aim At The Weak Points
Aim at the weak points on the Titan's body to destroy it faster.

Besides, your HP will be restored automatically when you shoot to weak points of the robot. There are three HP layers of the Titan, representing by three colors: yellow, orange, and red. At stage 2 of the battle, a helicopter controlled by an AI player will pick you up. Then, you will shoot the Titan from the chopper with a full-auto gun.

Destroy Drone
Fire to destroy all drones that Mechagodzilla launch to attack players and two other Titans.

At this stage, Kong and Godzilla also joined the battle. Your mission is to keep firing Mechagodzilla and drones in the sky. After Kong and Godzilla join the battle, you should help them destroying drones that attack them.

Fire To Earn Godzilla Totems
If you fire accurately and cause a great amount of damage, you will earn more Godzilla coins.

Stick your eyes and crosshair at the robotic titan. Once the weak points appear, keep shooting to those points. When defeating this Titan, players will be rewarded with a sum of Godzilla coins based on the damage they cause. The more accurately you fire, the more coins you earn. These coins will be valid within this update. Let's come to play PUBG Mobile The Last Stand mode tomorrow.

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