In case you wonder why you need to know the algorithm from devs instead of focusing on your gameplay, PUBG zone prediction algorithm helps players predict the next playing zone. It's a very important skill in this game. You can also use some tips to predict the next zone simply and accurately.

About PUBG zone prediction algorithm

PUBG Mobile retains most features of PUBG PC, including safe zone and electric zone. The playing zone is a circle surrounded by the blue zone. It will shrink gradually after 2 to 12 minutes. You need to stay inside the white circle or the blue electric zone will kill you. The smaller the white zone is, the more damage the blue zone causes.

Pubg Mobile Zone Prediction
Zone prediction is a pro skill in PUBG Mobile.

The later circles in PUBG Mobile will shrink faster than the former zones. For example, the first zone in Erangel shrinks after 300 seconds while the 8th zone shrinks after 60 seconds. The safe zone guarantee that fewer players in the last zones will encounter sooner to finish the match quickly. If there are few players on a large map, it's hard for them to meet and engage.

Die Outside Playing Zone
You need to get to the safe zone in time or you may die outside the play zone.

In addition, it also depends on the map size. The time until the blue circle starts to shrink in large maps is longer than that on the small maps. For example, the time until the blue circle starts to shrink at the 8th circle is 30 seconds while it's 60 seconds in Erangel and Miramar. It's because of the shorter white circle diameter on Sanhok, Vikendi, Livik, and Karakin.

Why do you need to predict safe zone in PUBG Mobile?

Zone prediction is a useful tactic in PUBG Mobile. Players can draw the best route to get to the safe zone in time. Although the first and second zones are random, later zones can be predicted based on a PUBG zone prediction algorithmIt sometimes can save your life in this battle royale game.

Last Zone Prediction
You have more chances to win when you know where the next zone shrinks.

Accurate prediction of the safe zone also lets players choose the right way to get to the playing zone. If you are on the edge of a large map, such as Miramar and Erangel, a vehicle is very necessary if the next safe zone shrinks on the other side of the map.

Electric Zone Damage
When the white zone gets smaller, the blue zone causes more damage to players.

Besides, it also lets you know when to start moving to the next playing zone. When you are too far away from the next safe zone without a vehicle, you may die outside the playing zone. Knowing the next safe zone helps you calculate the distance and time to get into the white circle.

How to predict PUBG Mobile playing zone?

There are 120 circle patterns in total but a lot of players can play a thousand matches each season. Therefore, these patterns will repeat many times. Many pro players and veterans can predict all later safe zones only based on the first zone. But sometimes, it's pretty different.

Red Airdrop Min
The airdrop location on the map is often the next zone's location.

The easiest way to predict the next zone in PUBG Mobile is by the airdrop. The natural airdrop always drops inside the white circle. Moreover, the position of the airdrop is also the location of the next safe zone. The red zone location can also be used to read the next circle location.

Another way to predict the next PUBG playing zone is by the map. The white circle in Livik, Erangel, and Miramar often shrinks around the central area with over 60% area is the land. The safe zone in Sanhok and Vikendi often shrinks near the edge of the map with about 50 - 60% of the zone is water.

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Tips to enter the safe zone safely

After reading the next zone, you need to draw a safe route to enter the playing zone. Besides, you also need some rules to survive while getting into the playing zone.

#1. Choosing The Right Drop Location

Choosing the right place to drop will affect your gameplay a lot. The first zone often covers or near the central area. Therefore, landing on the center of the map is the safest way to get to the safe zone quickly.

Drop Near The Center
If you drop in the center of the map, you can get to the next playing zone earlier than many other players.

#2. Timing to Enter The Zone

When the white circle gets smaller, it also shrinks faster. Besides, the time until the next zone shrinks also depends on the diameters of the map. It shrinks faster on smaller maps. Therefore, you should calculate the distance and time you need to get to the white circle on time.

When To Enter The Safe Zone
You will when to enter the safe zone based on the distance and vehicle speed.

#3. Don't Get Through Bridge

When you are outside the safe zone, don't get to the white circle through bridges. Many pro campers may stay around that location to eliminate your team. Instead, you should find a canoe or boat to cross the river. If you have to swim, try to stay under the water.

Cross River By Boat
You should use a canoe or boat to cross the river and avoid bridge campers.

#4. Use Vehicle With High Protection

If you need to enter the safe zone with vehicles, use a UAZ or Dacia with high protection. It guarantees that you have more chances to survive when enemies spray at your vehicle. Moreover, move in a jiggle route so that the sniper cannot pick your head.

Drive A Car With High Protection
You should drive a car with high protection to get into the safe zone quickly.

#5. Move To The Last Circle Immediately

When the last circle shrinks, find the safe way to enter it right away. In the last circle, the blue zone will move faster. The one who enters the last zone and gets a good cover first has more chance to win the last combat.

Camp In The Last Circle
Get into the last zone and gets a good cover first to have to chance to win in the last zone.

Those are things you need to know about the PUBG zone prediction algorithm. You should master this skill to play like a pro player in PUBG Mobile.

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