PUBG Mobile is an amazing battle royale game where players try to survive as the last survivor and enjoy his Chicken Dinner. To win this game, you need not only good skills but also an excellent strategy and some secret tips. Here are the top 8 tips you should know to survive in the ending circle and win the Chicken Dinner.

Scan The Surrounding Area

If you are outside the safe zone, check out the final circle before entering it. You can use a scope to check the surrounding area, especially hidden places in the path you enter the playing zone. There might be some enemies behind trees, rocks, bushes, or shelters. In Sanhok or Erangel, you may see some campers and snakes hidden on the grassland.

Check The Enemies Around Before Entering The Last
Check The Enemies Around Before Entering The Last Zone


You should grab some frag grenades, stun grenade, and Molotov cocktails. In the last circle, you can use them to kill the enemies hidden behind nearby shelters, trees, rock, etc. Besides, you also need some smoke grenades to make cover when getting shot from too many angles. If you are surrounded by a number of teams, you can make a cover with grenade smokes to clear one by one.

Use Pubg Mobile Throwables Wisely
Use PUBG Mobile Throwables Wisely

Don’t Loot

When you are in the last circle in PUBG Mobile, don’t loot. You must prepare enough bullets, throwables, and healing items before the final circle. In the last zone, you must try to survive with the things you have in your backpack. If you loot supplies in this stage of the match, you may unveil your location and get killed.

Prone And Camp In The Last Zone
Prone And Camp In The Last Zone

Don’t Run

When you are inside the playing zone, you’d better stay quiet and wait until the enemies unveil their location. If you run in the last circle, the enemies will spot you and kill you. If you are on the edge of the final circle, you can prone and crawl to get in the safe zone. But if you’re over 10m away outside the ending circle, you need to run. Try to run in the zig-zag line to avoid being an easy target.

Dont Run
Don't Run Or Run In Zig-Zag Manner

Healing Tip

It’s better to heal your health to 100% before engaging in the last combat. Use all your consumables like first-aid kits or med-kits, then, consume the energy drink or painkiller. It helps fulfill your HP bar. It’s very important to survive in the ending circle and win Chicken Dinner in PUBG Mobile.

Stay Still And Try To Survive
Heal Your HP To 100%


Only fire when you are sure you can end the enemy at once. In the last circle, you must hide carefully. Once you shoot and unveil your position, you need to move to another place carefully.

Hide Yourself
Hide and only shoot if you can kill him right away

Spread Your Team

It’s necessary to spread your team in any combat. If your squad gather together in one spot, the enemies can clear your team with a frag grenade or Molotov Cocktail easily. Moreover, when your team spread out to different spots, you guys will have different angles to shoot the enemies.

Leave Fancy Skins Home

In the ending zone, you need to hide or you will die. Shiny and fancy skins of outfits, backpack, and weapons in PUBG Mobile will unveil your position. So, you need to wear camouflages or skins that match the surrounding area. For example, you should wear white clothes in Vikendi, green skins in Sanhok, yellow or green skins in Erangel, and brown or yellow skins in Miramar.

Put Off Shiny Skins
Put Off Shiny Skins To Avoid Unveiling Your Location