PUBG Mobile players always want to get Chicken Dinner in every game. One of the most important skills you need to master is close-range combat. When the match is coming to the last circles, you need to master close-range combat to clear all enemies to be the last survivor. Here are 3 must-know tips to win every close-range combat in PUBG Mobile.

Tips To Master PUBG Mobile Close-Range Combat

To win 1v1 combat in close-range, you should keep these three secret tips in mind. It will help you win every close combat and get Chicken Dinner more easily


The first tip to win every close combat is trying to headshot the enemy. A shot to the enemy’s head is the fastest way to knock down him. In close-range combat, you need to end up the enemy before his teammates come to cover him. So, try to aim to the head to win the close combat.

Practice To Make Headshot
Practice To Make Headshot In The Training Room

To master headshot skills, PUBG Mobile players can practice in the training room. Besides, you can play more TeamDeath Match mode to improve close-range combat skills.


The next crucial tip you need to know to win every 1v1 close-range combat is choosing the right weapon. In close-range combat, you should use the strongest AR guns, such as Groza, AUG, M416, or AKM. Or else, you can grab powerful SMGs like Uzi and Thompson.

Pubg Mobile Combat Weapons
Use powerful ARs for close combat

In addition, you should attach a compensator and a quick-draw extended mag to the gun. It helps reduce recoil and increase the ammo in each load.

Crosshair Placement

Last but not least, you should try to improve your crosshair placement to master close-range combat in this game. It’s an essential tip to win close-range battles when you cannot use ADS in sudden fights. Try to place the crosshair in the enemy's head. You can practice this skill in the training room for better hip-fire skills.

Practice To Improve Hip Fire Skills
Place the crosshair perfectly to knock down the enemy quickly