PUBG Mobile healing items are essential in this battle royale game. When players get damage from enemies or they need to get heal, players need these healing items to fulfill the HP bar. Here’re things you need to know about healing items in PUBG Mobile.

Must-Know Things about PUBG Mobile Healing Items

There are 6 healing items in PUBG Mobile, including First Aid Kit, Pain Killer, Energy Drink, Adrenaline Syringe, Bandage, Med Kit. These items help you restore your Health Power to 100%. When you restore your health and fulfill the HP bar, you also collect rank points. And you should keep your HP bar full to engage combat.

Pubg Mobile Healing Items
PUBG Mobile Healing Item Collection

We can divide these healing items into two groups: with or without health limit. Or else, you can put them in two groups: healing over time and not healing over time. Healing items in healing over time group include energy drink, painkiller, adrenaline syringe, and bandages. And the two other items cannot help you heal over time. Check out more details about healing items in PUBG Mobile.

Using Bandage In Pubg Mobile
Using Bandage In PUBG Mobile

The first item is the bandage. You cannot use a bandage if your health point is over 75. It takes you 4s to cast and you can use this item in the vehicle. Next, first-aid kid helps you restore 75 HP in 5.9s. You cannot use two first-aid kits at once. It weighs 10, 5 times heavier than the bandage. Med Kit helps you store 100 HP in 7.9s and it weighs double the first-aid kit.

The other group includes healing items in liquid. The energy drink increases your boost by 40 and you can use it without health limit. It weighs 4. The painkiller increases the boost by 60 in 5.9s. It weighs 10 and does not have a health limit, too. The last item is the Adrenaline Syringe which increases your boost by 100 in 5.9s. And this healing item weighs 20.