PUBG Mobile players sometimes blame their game loss for their devices. Many of them say they lose the game because their phones are worse than the enemies’. But is device or skills more important to win the game? Let’s find the answer here.

Is Device Or Skills The Core Element To Master PUBG Mobile?

The quality of the smartphone actually affects the match result in PUBG Mobile. It will affect some features, such as graphics quality, frame rate, sound quality, etc. If you have a high-end device, you can set the frame rate, graphics, and sound effect to ultra HD quality. But a low-end smartphone cannot run the game at this high quality of audio and graphics smoothly.

Pubg Mobile Device
Does the device matter in PUBG Mobile?

Moreover, the processor also plays an important part in this mobile game. If the processor is strong enough, it can load the map and enemies faster. Some players with low-end devices cannot load the map after landing. Then, it takes them a few seconds to see the surrounding terrains and spot the enemies around. So, if your phone’s processor is not very strong, you shouldn’t land on hot drop locations to avoid being killed too soon.

Device Matters The Graphics Quality
Device Matters The Graphics Quality

However, the device quality is not the key element to become a pro player in PUBG Mobile. It must be your skills. If you have a decent smartphone but you don’t have good skills, you still lose the game. If your smartphone is not as good as others’ phones, you need to improve your skills.

Pubg Mobile Skills Matter Most
Skills Matter Most in PUBG Mobile

A pro player can still win even when he uses a low-end device. A pro player needs a good strategy and skills rather than a high-end device. If your phone’s processor is weak, you can land on low-risk places to loot weapons and supplies. With great skills, you can still play like a pro player and win the game in any device.