PUBG Mobile 0.19.0 update is scheduled to come this July that brings players a lot of new features. In the previous articles, we have discussed the new vehicle, gun, game mode, and map. Moreover, this next update also introduces a new AI system. If you have played Call of Duty before, you will definitely know about it.

PUBG Mobile To Introduce A New AI System In 0.19.0 Update

May is going to end and PUBG Mobile players are going to experience the next update 0.19.0 soon. This next update brings players a lot of new exciting features. For example, we will have a new map, temporarily called Fourex, a perfect combination of four existing classic maps. Moreover, PUBG Mobile also introduces a new Artificial Intelligence system.

Pubg Mobile Ai System
PUBG Mobile Brings A New AI System

This AI system lets a player give callouts to his teammates when they get knocked, reload weapons, or kill enemies. It will automatically inform his teammates about his conditions. It works like the AI system in Call of Duty Mobile.

It Works Like Cod Ai System
This New System Works Like The AI System In COD

This AI system helps connect you and your teammates better so that you can support each other on time. For example, when a player is reloading ammo, he cannot fight and is more vulnerable to the enemies. This AI system will inform it, so his teammates can support him and give him enough cover.

When you engage in combat, the system will say “Enemy” to notify your team. If you hear the words “Enemy down”, it means that you or your teammates knock down an enemy. It’s expected that the new AI system will help improve teamwork in PUBG Mobile. The new AI system will be most beneficial in the Battle Royale game mode. In the video of PUGB Mobile 0.19.0 leaks, Mr. Ghost Gaming test this system on the Fourex map.