AG is a brand new currency in PUBG Mobile which has come to this game in the latest update 0.18.0. Many players have not been aware of how to get free AG currency in PUBG Mobile or how to use it. So, let’s learn everything about this new currency here with

What Is AG Currency In PUBG Mobile?

Before learning how to get free AG currency in PUBG Mobile, you need to know what the AG currency is. AG currency, standing for Ace Gold, is a brand new currency used in PUBG Mobile. It has been introduced recently in the latest update 0.18.0.

Previously, there are three main currencies in PUBG Mobile, including gold coin, silver fragment, and UC. With the coming of AG, PUBG Mobile players have four currencies for purchasing in total. You can use AG to buy outfits and items in PUBG Mobile Redeem shop if you do not save enough silver fragments. Besides, 1400 AG coins worth 196 silver fragments.

Pubg Mobile Ag Coins
AG currency is one of many new features in PUBG Mobile season 13

You can also use this currency to alternate UC for some purchasable outfits in the shop. And 400 AG coins worth 30 UCs. AG can be used to buy many new outfit sets in PUBG Mobile now. According to PUBG Mobile, after the coming of Ace Gold, all the events after the update reward players with AG instead of Silver fragments. So, you can earn free AG to go shopping in this game now.

How To Get Free AG Currency In PUBG Mobile?

This article will guide you on how to get AG currency in PUBG Mobile for free. There are many events that give you free AG. Let’s check out these easy ways to achieve AG coin for free in this game. You can earn this in-game currency from some new events or by completing achievement missions.

How to Get AG Currency in PUBG: Desert Tourist Missions

You can earn 150 free AG coins by completing the Desert Tourist mission in the Achievements section. You can check it out in the Achievement of Matches. Moreover, this mission also gives you15 achievement points after completing the Desert Tourist mission. You can only complete this mission when playing this game in Classic mode on Miramar. Here are the mission lists of Desert Tourist Achievement:

  • Use energy drink in the Oasis: 1 time.
  • Use Molotov Cocktails in the Ruins: 1 time.
  • Kill an enemy while driving the Golden Mirado open-top car on Miramar: 1 time.
  • Leap off the ramp while driving any vehicle in Miramar: 3 times.
  • Make a headshot with the new scoped Win94: 1 time.
  • Obtain 8 drinks from the Vending Machine on Mad Miramar map: 1 time.
Complete Desert Tourist Achievement
Complete Desert Tourist Achievement

Completing these missions, you will definitely complete the Desert Tourist achievement. Then, you will get 150 AG coins and 15 achievement points.

Scrambler II Mission

This is the second achievement you need to complete to get 100 free AG coins. It’s also an easy way to get free AG coins. You can complete this achievement by winning 5 matches in the brand new Bluehole mode. It’s a mission in the Scrambler achievement in the Honor section. In addition, you also earn 10 achievement points after completing this mission. Bluehole mode is an exciting Arcade game mode that you play in Squad mode on the Erangel map.

Bluehold Mode
Win 5 matches in the brand new Bluehole mode

Lifelong Learner Achievement

Lifelong Learner II mission in Progress Achievement will give you 100 free AG coins. It’s very easy to get this sum of AG. You only need to play 30 matches in Brothers in Arms match. This is also a new mode that came to PUBG Mobile players in season 12. In this game mode, you will play classic matches as a veteran or rookie.

Play 30 Matches In Brothers In Arms
Play 30 Matches In Brothers In Arms mode

If you completed 30 Brothers in Arms matches, you can go to Progress Achievement in Mission section to collect your rewards.

How to Get Free AG Currency in PUBG Mobile: Completing Bullseye Mission

The Bullseye achievement is a mission in the Social Mission List. It requires PUBG Mobile to get more than 75 points for 50 times when playing in the Shooting Range in the new Cheer Park. This Shooting range is a new type of training room where you can improve your shooting skills. Completing this mission, you will receive up to 200 AG coins and 15 achievement points.

Cheer Park Shooting Range
Try to get more than 75 points for 50 times when playing in the Cheer Park Shooting Range

Elite Communicator

PUBG Mobile season 13 also brought a new feature: radio message. All players will receive a Radio to send radio messages in the World Chat. And if you send 30 radio messages in the Chat channel, you will complete the mission of Elite Communicator II and get 100 free AG coins. Besides, you collect 10 achievement points. So, don’t miss these easy AG coins.

Elite Communicator Mission
Complete Elite Communicator Mission To Get Free AG Coins

Royale Pass

In PUBG Mobile Elite Royale Pass Season 13, players can choose to get UC or AG instead when reaching certain levels. For example, when you reach Elite Pass level 3, you can choose between two reward packs of 30 UCs or 400 AG coins.

Get Uc Or Ag
Get UCs Or AG coins from Elite Royale Pass

How to Get Free AG Currency in PUBG Mobile from In-game Events?

Previously, PUBG Mobile introduced the Cartoon Rangers event that gives players free AG coins. You could earn a lot of AG coins every day during that event by completing given missions. After that event, this game continues to introduce the Model Soldier event. This time-limited event lasts until June 2nd, 2020. During the event, you also complete given missions to collect scissors to cut a model randomly. Each model gives you a certain number of points. When you collect enough 300 points in this event, you will get 100 free AG coins.

How To Use AG Currency in PUBG?

You can use AG coins in PUBG Mobile Outfit or Redeem shops. This game lets you use this new currency to buy outfits, weapon skins, backpack skins, or items. You can go to the Shop, in the Outfits section, you will find some sets with the price labels in AG coins. Besides, in the Redeem shop, you can choose to buy outfit sets and items with silver fragments or AG coins. If you don't have enough silver coins, you can use AG coins instead.

Those are things you need to know about AG coins and how to get free AG currency in PUBG Mobile. To update the latest PUBG Mobile game news as well as tips for gamers, let's visit our website.