The flare gun is a rare item that brings players the best weapons and supplies like AWM, Mk14, Groza, DBS, AUG, camouflages, a level-3 helmet, military vet, and backpack. But when you shoot a flare gun to call airdrop, you will unveil your position to enemies and your airdrop also attracts a lot of opponents. Here are 5 must-know tips to use the flare gun wisely in PUBG Mobile season 13.

Place To Use Flare Gun

The first tip you should know is where to use the flare gun safely and wisely. If you shoot the flare gun outside the circle, you will get a BRDM. So, you should use the flare gun inside the circle to get decent guns and supplies.

Find A Flare Gun
Find A Flare Gun To Call The Airdrop


Besides, you should scout the surrounding area to make sure that your airdrop will get stuck on the rooftop. Moreover, you should find a good cover to loot the airdrop.  It would be better to use the flare gun in an area where you can find a good cover to loot the airdrop.

Flare Gun
Find a place to use the flare gun


When the airdrop lands on the ground, you need to choose a good position to camp the enemies. Check the surrounding area before looting the airdrop. Moreover, you should use some smoke grenade to cover when you are looting the airdrop. It's a must-know tip when using a flare gun in PUBG Mobile.

Loot Airdrop
Loot the airdrop safely


You can also use the flare gun as a bait to get some kills in PUBG Mobile. If you have enough weapons and supplies but you still get a flare gun, don’t waste it. You can use that flare gun as a bait to attract enemies and hide around the airdrop to kill them. 

Flare Gun Airdrop
Use the airdrop as a bait

Final Circles

Don’t use the flare gun in final circles in PUBG Mobile because you will attract the attention of enemies. You should use the flare gun in the initial circles to get good loot. In the ending circles, most players have enough supplies and they play and hide their position carefully. So, this item is useless at that time. 

Use Flare Gun
Don't use the flare gun in last circles