PUBG Mobile is the ultimate battle royale game where you have to fight against 99 other players on an abandoned island. You can get killed in just about any moment by enemies who you can't even see. All the maps in PUBG Mobile are huge with complicated terrain, making it really hard to spot other players, which is a special aspect of this game.

 How To Spot Enemies In Pubg Mobile
It hard to spot enemies in PUBG Mobile since the map is big

If you can spot other players before they do, you will be able to react first. From then, you can choose to do whatever you want to increase your advantage. You can take the shot first if the opportunity is right. You can move to another place to have a better shot angle. You can just walk away in peace if it is not the best time to fight. But if other players spot you first, it less likely that you will survive unless they are noobs.

So how to spot enemies in PUBG Mobile easily? Here, we teach you to make use of every element in PUBG Mobile to spot enemies in PUBG Mobile along with some important tips and tricks.

How To Spot Enemies In PUBG Mobile - Vision

It is obvious that you will be using for vision to spot enemies for most of the time, but it doesn't mean it is easy. Especially in big maps like Erangel or Miramar, it is really hard to see other people among objects, terrain, trees,... So to learn how to spot enemies in PUBG Mobile, you need to remember these rules carefully:

Looking for movements

This is the most important rule and the best way to spot enemies in PUBG Mobile. While the grass, the tree, and all other things can distract your eyes a lot, they don't move. If they do, there is a high chance that there is a player right there, especially when they are moving horizontally on your screen.

Looking for signs

When looking at a compound, you can check if there are any open doors or any cars nearby to tell if anyone is there or not. You also want to take a look at places with weird colors as well.

 How To Spot Enemies In Pubg Mobile
Beware of snakes in the grass in the final circle

When a player shot their gun, there will be flashes coming out from their weapon, allowing you to pinpoint exactly where they are.

Focus on potentially dangerous spots

Through playing the games, you will learn that there are certain places that people love to be in such as bushes, compounds, big rocks. You would want to focus looking at there area first, prioritizing places that people can have a clear vision at your position first.

How To Spot Enemies In Pubg Mobile
Players usually stay inside houses and peak out of windows

How To Spot Enemies In PUBG Mobile - Sound

Sound will be the second-most important tool for you to spot other players in PUBG Mobile. In order to do this, you will need to have a good pair of earphones or headphones plugged in your mobile phone while playing.

While sounds won't tell the exact locations of other players, it can give you a general idea of where they are, even if you don't see them. This is really a really important factor if you are fighting other players in a big building. Knowing which room they are, you can just throw a Frag Grenade in or pre-fire when entering the room before you even see them.

pubg mobile sound
How to spot enemies faster in PUBG Mobile - Sound is the best way to know if someone is around

In PUBG Mobile, if an enemy makes a sound by moving or shooting near your location, you will see a sound indicator on the minimap that shows the direction where they are in.

How To Spot Enemies In PUBG Mobile - More Tips And Tricks

These rule s above are the most essential things you need to remember to spot enemies in PUBG Mobile. You should be doing great by applying those rules in your games. Here, we will give some more additional small tips and tricks for you to spots enemies better and hide better in PUBG Mobile.

  • Bots can detect enemies for you: Sometimes a bot will just come out of nowhere and shoot at a hidden player for you. It doesn't always happen but it does happen.
  • Use a tablet: A tablet has a much bigger screen than a phone. The bigger the screen the easier you will be able to spot enemies.
  • Get to the high ground: High ground will give you the most vision, allowing you to spot other players easily.
How To Spot Enemies In Pubg Mobile
How to spot enemy in PUBG Mobile - You can see more when standing in the high ground
  • When you spot an enemy mark them on the map: Mark them so your teammate can tell where they are. About how to mark enemy in PUBG Mobile, just open the map and tap one where you want to mark.
  • Choose the right outfit: The ghillie suit is always the best outfit you can get in PUBG Mobile but you won't always be able to get one in every game. However, you can choose which skins you wear before entering a game so you won't stand out and get spotted easily.
How To Spot Enemies In Pubg Mobile
Don't be this guy and wear the right outfit

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  • Move from covers to covers: Covers are your best friend. Just move to a safe cover first and then look around for enemies.