In a battle royale such as PUBG Mobile, spotting enemies and staying hidden from enemies' sights is a very important factor for your victory. The maps in PUBG Mobile are all really big so spotting players from a far distance is already a pretty hard task. Sometimes, with the right condition, you might don't even notice that an enemy is prone on the grass or in a  bush right next to you. In fact, the color and camo of your skin contribute a lot to this. That why the Ghillie Suit is so strong and can only be found in Supply Drop.

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Blending into the environment is important

But there are skins in the game that are almost as effective as the Ghillie Suit and you can wear them whenever you want without having to look for the Supply Drop every game. With the right skin on the right map, you will blend into the surrounding environment and stay out of the sight of other players. Here is the list of the best skin you should wear for each map.


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Wear dark color outfit on Erangel

Erangel has lots of green grass and forests so you would want to have clothes with dark green color to blend in with the grass and trees. Also, dark color clothes can hide you in the shadow of trees and rocks pretty well. You would definitely want to avoid those special outfits such as the Horse Mask or the Killer Angel set unless you really want to be stand out or you are really confident about your skill. Otherwise, here a small list of items you should wear when you are playing on Erangel. These items are really easy to get and you might already have them if you are a long-time player.

  • Beige Cargo Pants (Soldier’s Crate)
  • Dirty White Tank Top (Soldier’s Crate)
  • Police Shirt (Premium Crate)
  • Brown Jeans (Premium Crate)
  • Slaughter (Classic Crate)


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Outfit with light colors its perfect for Miramar

Mirana is the biggest map in PUBG Mobile so far with lots of deserted mountains and hills. In contrast to Erangel, You wouldn't want to wear dark colors skins in Miramar unless you are planning to fight in urban areas only. The color of the soil is light orange, which will make dark colors stand out. In order to blend yourself into the terrain of Miramar, you should wear some light color skins or worn shirts with beige or khaki color. They have the same color as the sand in Miramar and the Ghillie Suit for Miramar. Same as Erangel, unless you are really confident in your skill don't wear those weird outfits such as the Horse Mask. Here is our list of skins that you can easily get for Miramar.

  • Beige Cargo Pants (Soldier’s Crate)
  • Dirty White Tank Top (Soldier’s Crate)
  • Brown Jeans ( Premium Crate)
  • Police Shirt (Premium Crate)
  • Slaughter (Classic Crate)


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Sanhok environment is the same as Erangel

Sanhok has almost the same environment as Erangel with lots of trees and grass. Dark color clothes should do a great job for you to play snake on the grass and snipe enemies. Here is our list of clothes for Sanhok.

  • Bloody Combat Pants (Soldier’s Crate)
  •  Urban Padded Jacket (Soldier’s Crate)
  •  Long Sleeved Black T-Shirt (Soldier’s Crate)
  • Floral Shirt (Soldier’s Crate)
  • Green Pants (Classic Crate)


Goes full white on Vikendi is not a bad idea

Vikendi is different from other maps of PUBG Mobile with snow covering the whole map. You should go for either white or dark color clothes to blend in with the snow and rocks. Make sure to avoid bright color so you don't stand out from your surroundings. Here is our list of clothes you should wear on Vikendi.

  • White Combat Pants (Classic Crate)
  • White Bathrobe (Classic Crate)
  • Crystal Bandit Suit (Classic Crate)
  • Medical Robe (Premium Crate)
  • Urban Pants (Premium Crate)