The PUBG Mobile scene in India has been really active lately with all the big tournaments and the roster changes of many teams. There are currently 2 huge PUBG Mobile tournaments going on right now, the PUBG Mobile India Series 2020 and the PUBG Mobile World League Zero. The PMCO Fall Split is also coming very close to start the second PUBG Mobile esports season of 2020.

The PUBG Mobile World League Zero is coming very close with a huge prize pool of $850,000

A few days ago, Nova Esports, a mobile-focused eSports organization from Hong Kong, hinted on their social media that they are taking their first step into the Indian PUBG Mobile esports scene. In the teaser video, they show the footage of PUBG Mobile and then cut to the Nova Esports’ logo with the colors of the Indian flag along with the announcement date of June 26.

And so today, they have revealed that they will be sponsor team GodLike, one of the top PUBG Mobile teams in India at the moment. Nova Esports will be taking care of the players' salaries, boot camp support, and provide the team with international exposure.

Nova Esport
Nova Esport has chosen team GodLike to give their sponsor

About Nova esports

Nova Esports has been working in the mobile esports for a long time and won many significant international live events.

Nova Esports
The PUBG Mobile female squad of Nova Esports

Nova Esports is the third international organization that has chosen to sponsor an Indian PUBG Mobile teams after Fnatic and TSM. This is a big improvement for both team GodLike and the PUBG Mobile esports in India.

About team GodLike

Team Godlike was started by Kroten, a famous PUBG Mobile Youtuber in India. The team has been around the scene for quite a long time and they are currently considered as one of the strongest PUBG Mobile teams in Indian.

Godlike Pubg
Team GodLike is one of the earliest PUBG Mobile in India under the leadership of the famous PUBG Mobile streamer Korten

Team GodlLike is among the 7 Indian teams who have made to the PMWL Zero. They recently exchange their player GiLL for VampireOP from team Orange Rock. Their current roster for the PMWL now consists of 6 players:

  1. Hastar - Gopal Gajanand Sarda
  2. Xz1st - Chisin Raingaim
  3. Smxkie - Shekhar Patil
  4.  VampireOP - Eleen Raj
  5. Rayed - Syed Rayed Shah
  6.  Kronten - Chetan Sanjay Chandgude

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