Solo mode somehow is more harsh and intense than squad mode because you may lose by a bullet right away. Here are pro solo tips and tricks for PUBG Mobile players to get Ace quickly in season 19.

About Solo mode in PUBG Mobile

In PUBG Mobile solo mode, you don't have any chance to fix your mistake because you don't have support from teammates like in duo and squad mode. Therefore you are not allowed to make mistakes if you want to reach Ace quickly. The enemies can finish you in one hit to your head and you don't get any other chance.

Solo Mode
Solo mode somehow is more harsh and intense than squad mode.

In duo and squad modes, players can be revived when they get knocked. However, if you get shot in solo mode in PUBG Mobile, you will die right away. If you die too soon, your K/D ratio and rank will drop a lot. Therefore, solo mode requires more skills and better performance in solo mode.

Solo Tips
If you die too soon, your K/D ratio and rank will drop a lot.

Solo tips to reach Ace in mid-2021

Let's master these pro tips to play better in mid-2021. In addition, you can use these tips in solo vs duo and squad modes when you are the last man standing in your team.

Solo Vs Squad
You can use these tips in duo and squad modes.

#1. Don't camp in a building!

Holding a building to camp in this game is very normal. Therefore, enemies will know it and check all houses and buildings very carefully. The building can be a deathtrap because enemies can camp inside to capture some prey. Or else, pro rushers can clear the camper inside with some frag grenades. It's better to find a cover around the house to rush or camp enemies.

Stay Around Building
You should stay around the building to camp and push more freely.

#2. Throwables are the best supporters.

As you don't have support from teammates in solo mode, you need to use throwables to contribute damage. Sometimes, you may fall into a 1v2 situation, you need to use smoke grenades for backup to clear one by one. Besides, you should master frag grenades and Molotov to kill enemies fast.

Throwables are very useful in solo mode.

Pro players with great throwing skills can clear enemies without getting any shot. An accurate frag grenade causes enough damage to finish a solo player immediately. It's safer than expose yourself to rush enemies directly. If you cannot throw grenades exactly, it still causes some damage to the target and makes them weak. Then, push when enemies are healing.

#3. Hold And Wait

Here are some useful solo tips if you are the 3rd party in combat. Don't engage directly or you may get shot by two other parties. Find a cover and wait until one of the two parties win the combat and heal. Then, it's time to push when the winning team is not very ready for another combat.

Hold On And Wait
Hold on and wait in multiple-party combat.

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#4. Fall Back In Panic Ambush

When you fall into an ambush, it's very hard to stay alive. Don't get panic and spray bullets right away. You need to fall back and locate all enemies around quickly but spotting or listening to their sound. Use smoke grenades if you don't have any cover. Then, make a decision rapidly and separate enemies to eliminate them.

Fall Back And Find Cover
Fall back and find cover in panic situations.

#5. Be A Little Aggressive

It's pretty risky to be aggressive for the whole solo match. However, you should play a little aggressively and don't give enemies the chance to rush you. When staying behind cover, you can find the chance to kill enemies instead of staying still and wait for them to rush. Be passive in a rush mean less chance to win and survive.

Play A Bit Aggressively
Playing a bit aggressively is among the most recommended solo tips in PUBG Mobile.

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