PUBG Mobile offers players a lot of weapons and throwables to cause damage and kill enemies. One of the most popular throwables used in PUBG Mobile combat is a frag grenade. Here are must-know tricks to use this weapon correctly and effectively during fights.

Use Frag Grenades In Pushing Compounds

Before pushing into a house or building, you should use some fragile grenades. It helps you knock down the enemies' camping insides or at least cause some damage to them. Try to listen to the footsteps of the enemy and throw well-cooked grenades into the house or apartment. Hold the cooked grenades for about 3s to adjust the direction, drop location, and timing.

Grenede Vs House Campers
Grenade Vs House Campers

Use Pre-cooked Frag Grenades In Being Rushed

When the enemies are rushing towards you to kill you, throw some fragile grenades to stop them. If you throw the grenade accurately enough, you can knock down the enemies. Or else, you can cause some damage to them and delay the rush to move to another place. A Frag grenade is the best weapon to clear a squad if you are good at using it.

Use The Eye Button In Throwing Grenades From Behind A Cover

Using the eye button helps you throw the grenade more accurately. When you are hiding behind a cover, your view can be blocked which makes it difficult to drop the grenade accurately. But it can be solved by using the eye button. You can see and adjust the trail of grenades better when moving the eye button. Besides, you won’t expose yourself to enemies by using this tip.

Grenade And Eye Button
Use Eye Button For Better Grenade Drop

Cook Grenades In PUBG Mobile

The best tip for grenade timing in PUBG Mobile is to cook it first. It means you should throw the grenades when there are 2 – 3 seconds left. If you throw the grenade right away, the enemies can hear the sound of it and evade the explosion. So, it’s important to set the time for the explosion by holding the grenade for a few seconds before throwing it. Based on the distance, you can hold the grenade for 2 or 4 seconds.

Hold Grenade For A Few Seconds Before Throwing
Hold The Grenade For A Few Seconds Before Throwing