PUBG Mobile is a battleground where only the last survivor can leave with victory and Chicken Dinner. The faster you kill the enemies, the more chance of winning you have. To get Chicken Dinner in PUBG Mobile, you need a strong weapon besides good skills. Find out the gun which kills fastest in PUBG Mobile here with


Mk14 is the strongest Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR) in PUBG Mobile. It is a powerful combination of Assault Rifles and Sniper Rifle guns. In long-range combat, it produces such great damage that you can end an enemy in 2 – 3 accurate bullets. It also offers you a full-auto firing mode, letting you spray bullets to kill enemies quickly in short-range combat.

Mk14 Has Two Firing Mode Both Of Which Are Powerful
Mk14 Has Two Firing Mode Both Of Which Are Powerful


Groza is one of the strongest assault rifles in PUBG Mobile which is only spawned in airdrops. This rare weapon has the greatest damage with a high firing rate among ARs. So, you can quickly kill the enemies if you can control its recoil and shoot accurately.

Groza Is The Strongest Ar With A High Firing Rate
Groza Is The Strongest AR With A High Firing Rate


Like Groza, you can only find an AUG in the airdrops. This is the strongest 5.56-ammo gun in PUBG Mobile. It has great damage and a high firing rate. Besides, AUG is more stable and easy-to-use than 7.62-ammo guns with a lower recoil rate.

Aug Is The Most Favorite Ar
AUG Is One Of The Most Favorite Ar


PUBG Mobile AKM is one of the most popular and preferred guns in this game. Although it has a great recoil rate, this 7.62-ammo gun produces great damage to kill the enemies fast. It’s also one of the strongest weapons to use to clear the enemy quickly in close combat.

Akm Is A Favorite Weapon Of Pro Players
AKM Is A Favorite Weapon Of Pro Players


M416 is the most stable and easy-to-use gun on this list. It has the lowest recoil rate and produces significant damage to end an enemy quickly. This gun uses 5.56 ammo and has five attachment slots to help reduce the recoil. So, it’s also the most favorite gun in this shooting game.

M416 Is Most Stable Gun In This List
M416 is the most stable gun in this list