PUBG Mobile provides players a lot of sights and scopes for ADS skills. Among them, red dot and holographic sight are two best options for close combat. But many players are still confused: which sight attachment is better in PUBG Mobile. Let’s find the answer here.

PUBG Mobile Battle Of Sights: Holographic Sight Vs Red Dot Sight

Red dot and holographic sights are the two most popular sights/ scopes in PUBG Mobile. These sights are also the best attachments for close-range combat. It gives support for players in aiming at a short distance (under 200m). It would be better to use red dot/ holographic sight with an SMG or Assault Rifle. But let’s find out the better sight attachment in this game.

Field Of View

In terms of field of view, red dot gives PUBG Mobile players a wider and clearer view of the surrounding. When you turn on the scope for ADS, the red dot sight gives a clear view of the area around your target. However, the holographic sight covers an area around the object, which can be deadly in combat.

Red Dot Give You A Clearer View
Red Dot Give You A Clearer View

When you face a full squad or a large number of enemies at once, the red dot will be more advantageous. You can use the holographic sight for close 1v1 combat. It’s easier to make a headshot when you aim with a holographic sight in close combat with only one enemy.


The tip is attaching a holographic sight to the gun with great recoil rates. For example, you should use a holographic sight for 7.62-ammo weapons, such as Beryl M762 or AKM. Meanwhile, a red dot sight would be a great choice for SMGs and 5.56-ammo guns, such as M416, SCAR-L, etc.

Use A Red Dot For Smg Or 5 56 Ammo Guns
Use A Red Dot For SMGs Or 5 56-Ammo Guns

Holographic sight does not help reduce the recoil rate of the weapons. But it gives you a more stable sight of the target when you aim at the enemies.