PUBG Mobile DRMs, or Designated Marksman Rifles, include SKS, Mini14, QBU, SLR, VSS, and Mk14. These weapons are the combination of Assault Rifles and Sniper Rifles. It’s another choice for long-range combat besides SRs. You can attach an 8x scope to shoot the enemies at a long distance of over 800m. Here’s an amazing guide on how to master PUBG Mobile DMRs you need to know.

Aim And Tap Precisely

Most DMRs in PUBG Mobile is single-tap guns. So, players need to improve aiming skills. You should practice to tap precisely and land most of the bullets on the enemies’ bodies. Aiming is an important skill of DMRs master. With 3 to 4 precise bullets, you can knock down or kill an enemy due to great damage. These DMR guns are most useful in large maps, such as Miramar or Erangel.

Drm Is A Good Weapon For Long Range Combat
The DRM is a good weapon for long-range combat

Tap Quickly

In addition, players need to tap quickly to eliminate the enemy as soon as possible. Unlike ARs, you cannot spray bullets with and DMR. So, you need to tap precisely and quickly. If you cannot kill the enemy quickly, you will let him escape and find a cover. Then, you will lose the chance to eliminate the enemy. So, you need to tap accurately and quickly to kill the opponent right away.

Mk14 Is The Strongest Dmr In Pubg Mobile
Mk14 is the strongest DMR in PUBG Mobile

Choose The Right DMR

The last tip to master DMR in PUBG Mobile is choosing the right gun. Based on the map, you choose the most favorite DMR. Mini14 is selected as the most easy-to-use DMR gun in Erangel, Miramar, and Vikenki with the lowest recoil rate. But you cannot find this gun on the Sanhok map. Instead, you can grab a QBU. Moreover, if you are lying prone to tap with QBU, its recoil rate is nearly zero.

Qbu Replaces Mini14 In Sanhok
QBU Replaces Mini14 In Sanhok

However, in terms of power, Mk14 is the strongest DMR in PUBG Mobile. This gun is only spawned in the airdrop randomly and uses 7.62 ammo.