PUBG Mobile introduced a new mysterious Jungle mode with many new features. It’s available on the Sanhok map and appears randomly. In the spawning island, you can check out the mini-map to know whether it is a normal map or Jungle map. This new game mode has a lot of exciting features. Here are some must-know tips and tricks to play and conquer this PUBG Mobile mysterious Jungle mode.

Tips To Conquer New Mysterious Jungle Mode In PUBG Mobile

Firstly, you will find many totems around the match with a mysterious jewel. There are three colors of the jewels with different effects. When the jewels are shining, it will work and give you some effects and items. When you get close to the totem, there will be an invoke button to tap on.


The red jewels often give ammo and guns. The totems with red jewels restore the durability of your armor when you invoke. Besides, you can restore the energy when invoking in front of the totems with green jewels. Moreover, you can also receive scopes and throwables. Next, the totems with yellow jewels give players vets, helmets, healing items, and restore their health.

Invoke Totems To Get Effects And Items

Besides, totems also give some rare items, like flare guns. You also get Lost Trunk and Barrier Totems when you invoke. When you have no cover in combat, you can throw the Barrier totem to make a good cover. In addition, you should also collect the Lost Trunks to exchange rewards in the Lost Treasures event.

Hot air Balloons

This new game mode also brings hot air balloons to the map. You can find these balloons across the map. The spawning spots are marked on the mini-map already. You come to the balloon and tap on the Control button to ride it to fly and go scouting. Players can ride it like driving other vehicles in this game.

Hot Air Ballon
Ride Hot-Air Balloons

There is a zoom bar on the left of the screen for you to zoom the view. You can ride the balloon to scout the map and find totems. To land on the ground, you can tap on the Down button or simply jump out and parachute down.


Another new feature of this game mode is the fruits scattered across the map. You can ‘Pick’ the fruit and use it like other consumables. When eating the fruits, you can also get random effects, such as the distance of firing sound displayed on the mini-map, locations of the airdrops, or dizzy.

Pick Up Fruits
Pick Up Fruits