The Microcosm event in PUBG Mobile will be the second event in the current season, following the theme of the ongoing Season 19 Traverse Royale Pass. During the event, players can transform into mini ‘Insectoids’ to stay out of sight and travel through wormholes.

PUBG Mobile Microcosm Event Details

During the PUBG Mobile Microcosm event, players can find five labs across the map of Erangel. Each will have interactive facilities which allow players to transform into an Insectoid and fly at a low altitude.

Pubg Mobile Microcosm Event Lab
Players can find 5 maps across Erangel during the event.

The labs will also spawn special loot, making them a potential hot-drop during the event. You can easily spot the lab in the distance. They're large imposing buildings that bear the name “Inhuman Labs”. It will also come with a slogan: “In Truth We Trust”.

PUBG Mobile Microcosm Event Labs Guide

#1 Quantum Transformation Device

This is the basic apparatus of the lab, used to transform players into an Insectoid or go back to normal form. It will be in the shape of a cylindrical apparatus that appear on a raised platform in the center of the lab.

#2 Energy Store

This machine will sell combat supplies to the player in exchange for Luminators. Each item in the Store has a specific Luminator cost.

Pubg Mobile Energy Store
Purchase combat supplies from the Energy Store.

#3 Wormhole Device

The Wormhole Device allows players to transport from one lab to another. However, players must be in the shrunk Insectoid form to use this device. Each use costs 50 Luminators.

PUBG Mobile Microcosm Event Gameplay

Once a player is in the Insectoid form, they will have access to special weapons exclusive to Insectoids to combat other Insectoids in the Quantum realm. Insectoids are immune to damage from regular ammo types but still take damage from a Pan, a PUBG Mobile trademark.

Pubg Mobile Quantum Transformation Device
Enter the Quantum Transformation Device to change into an Insectoids.

Only Insectoids have the visual ability to spot certain objects called Luminators scattered around the labs in a certain radius. Collect Luminatorsto exchange for combat supplies in the Exchange Store or travel from one lab to another.

Pubg Mobile Wormhole Device
You can also teleport between the labs with the Wormhole Device.

Also, players must note that the Insectoid form will only be sustainable within a certain radius of the lab. It is called the Quantum Field. Should the player exits the Field,  the Insectoid form will wear off and revert the player to their original regular form. All gear and weapons equipped before turning into an Insectoid will also be returned.

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