PUBG Mobile has introduced a new special mode called Insectoid to place the Titan Strikes mode after it's removed. Here's a completed guide for this new special mode.

About Insectoid Mode

This special PUBG Mobile Insectoid game mode is available on the map Erangel to replace the Titan Strikes mode. Put the tick on the special map to play this new game mode. In Insectoid, players can turn into an insect and play like an Ant-Man. To minimize your body, you will need a special machine unless you use hack tools. But PUBG Mobile players are not hackers.

Pubg Mobile Insectoid Mode
PUBG Mobile has introduced a new special mode called Insectoid.

Therefore, the game developers added five special labs on the Erangel map of this Traverse game mode. These labs are marked by special icons on the minimap. If you want to turn into the insect right at the beginning of the match, you can land there. There is a red zone that only insects can see. If you stay out of this zone for longer than 10 seconds, you cannot maintain your insectoid form. Then, you will change to the human form.

Insectoid Gameplay
Players can turn into an insect in PUBG Mobile Insectoid mode.

There is a machine inside the lab. You need to enter this machine to let it make you smaller. After tapping on the transformation button, this machine will transform you into a tiny insect. But if you move during the transformation process, the transformation will be canceled. If you want to turn into the normal size, you come back to the machine again and do the same.

Teleport Portal
Insects can use the Teleport Portal to move between labs quickly.

Moreover, insect players can use the teleport machine to get to other labs quickly. The teleport waypoint is placed right next to the transportation machine. In addition, insectoid players should collect as many dust particles as possible to exchange for stuff in the Luminator shop, such as weapons, attachments, consumables, and armor.

PUBG Mobile Insectoid Mode Tips & Tricks

This new Insectoid mode will have more fun. But you also need some tips and tricks to win this match or you also lose rank points and tier if you die soon. Here are some new tips for the new Insectoid mode in PUBG Mobile that you may need.

  • Labs are often crowded. You need to land before all other enemies or change the landing spot.
Insects Damage
Insects cause less damage to humans than normal.
  • You should clear all enemies around the labs and make sure that it's safe during the transformation process. If the lab location is not clear, enemies may rush to kill you when you are standing still inside the machine.
Hit Insect With Pan
Human players can hit insects with a pan.
  • When you turn into an insect in PUBG Mobile Insectoid mode, the enemy can hardly aim and kill you. However, the damage you cause to enemies is also minimized. After turning into an insect, you will have a mini rocket launcher but it still causes small damage. It causes only 5-10% damage to a human.
  • However, if you encounter another insect, you can track down enemies and deal great damage to their small bodies to take them down.
Play As An Ant Man
Don't fly outside the insectoid limit area.
  • In PUBG Mobile Insectoid mode, you cannot shoot to kill them with bullets if your enemies turn into insects. Therefore, you should use some frag grenades instead. But don't let the enemies know your plan or they will fly higher and get far away from the explosion. If the insect fly near the gas can, spray to explode it to kill it.
  • You can use the pan to hit and kill the insect with one hit only.
Use Gas Can
Use gas can to explode the insect players.
  • Don't get out of the red zone for insectoid or you will be transformed to the normal size. If the transformation happens when you are flying too high, you may die from falling.

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