Many noobs players haven't get pro in PUBG Mobile although they have played this game for a long time. Check out this complete guide on how to upgrade your gameplay from noob to pro in a week here.

3 Basic Steps To Get Pro in PUBG Mobile

There are three basic steps you need to do to get pro in PUBG Mobile:

  • Make sure you have a good internet connection to play this game with low ping.
  • Buy a mid-end or high-end device to play this game with a high FPS quality, and you won't get lag.
  • Play claw to do action combo quickly. Try to play with 4-finger of 5-finger claw to do more actions at once.
Pubg Mobile Basic Steps
Have a good device and internet connection to play PUBG Mobile.

Must-Improve Skills To Become A Pro

After completing three basic steps to get pro in this game, you need to improve some skills to play better. Keep in mind that all PUBG Mobile pro players have mastered these skills. So, you need to practice more to get skilled quickly.

How To Ger Pro In Pubg Mobile
Improve skills to get pro in PUBG Mobile.
  • Aiming Skills

The first and most important skill you need to improve in this game is aiming skill. To shoot accurately, you need to aim well. However, the gun recoil always makes it hard to aim accurately. Therefore, the first rule of aiming is controlling recoil.

Pubg Combat Tips Aim Head
Improve your aiming skills,

Next, you need to put the crosshair in the right place to react quickly when encountering enemies. Pro players always keep the crosshair at the chest level when using ARs and LMGs. When they hold a shotgun or SR, the crosshair should be placed at the head level. But you need to practice and get used to it.

  • Reaction Speed & Game Sense

The next important skill you need to improve is reflexing. The reaction speed also affects the result of the match. If you react slowly to the enemy's attack, you will die soon. This skill must be improved in real matches. To make decisions quickly, players have to turn experiences into habits. Then, you will react as an instinct.

Reaction Speed
Improve your reaction speed and game sense in real matches.

The game sense is also improved on the battleground. Experienced players can locate the enemies exactly only the sound of them. Moreover, they can predict the enemies' movements from their experience. You can improve these skills in the Quick Match mode and War Mode.

  • Master All Ranges

Close combat skills are also important to get from noobs to pro in this shooting game. You can improve these skills in the Team Deathmatch mode (TMD). You can practice all necessary close fight skills, such as drill, camp, rush, and movements in TMD. Besides, you can master sniping skills in the Sniper Training mode. It's very useful for long-range engagements real matches.

Tdm Mode
Play TMD more to improve close combat skills.
  • Peek/Leaning

To play like a pro player in PUBG Mobile, you should use the peek feature more frequently. To peek and aim or peek and spray more quickly, you should use 4-finger or 5-finger claw to play. This skill helps you hide most of your body parts so that enemies do not have much chance to shoot you down.

Peek And Fire
Enable the peek and fire option.
  • Hip-Fire & Movement

Another skill that noobs have to master is hip-fire. Keep aiming to the head of the enemies and try to maintain the crosshair stable to drill. Hip-fire is a useful skill that helps you solve most panic situations and face-to-face combat. Moreover, in those situations, try to move in jiggle patterns and dodge bullets in short-range fights by jump, crouch, and prone.

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