A lot of PUBG Mobile players haven't known about PUBG synergy lovers. This special feature lets couples in this game show their relationship. Let's check out how to set the lover title in this battle royale game.

What does Synergy mean in PUBG Mobile?

Synergy is a special feature in PUBG Mobile that displays the relationship between you and your friends in this game. There are four types of relationships in PUBG Mobile, including BFF, Lover, Buddy, and Bromance. Each player can set relationships with 5 BFFs, 5 Buddies, 5 Bromances, but only one lover.

Connection In Pubg Mobile
There is only one slot for the lover position in the connection section of PUBG Mobile.

You can interact with your in-game friends to increase the synergy and build a solid connection with them. Each type of relationship requires you and your friends to reach a certain number of synergy points to create the connection.

Lover In Pubg Mobile
The lovers in PUBG Mobile can display their relationship in their spaces.

How to increase Partner Synergy in PUBG Mobile?

There are many ways to increase the synergy between PUBG Mobile players. Check out all methods to collect more synergy points here.

  • Match And Play Together

PUBG Mobile players will get 6 synergy points after matching successfully with a close friend in this game. The system also notifies the synergy points you and your friends get after matching successfully. However, you can only get the synergy point when that player is on your friend list and you invited him to your duo or squad team.

Match Together
You will get a number of synergy points when matching with friends successfully.

It makes sure that you will not get synergy points from unknown players matched with you randomly. The more games you play with your friends, the more synergy points you get. Therefore, you should team up with your partner more to reach the required point for PUBG synergy lovers.

  • Send Your Friends BP

PUBG Mobile also lets players send each friend of theirs 10BP per day. It's another method to increase the synergy between two players. It's very easy to send friends BP. You only need to open the friend list, locate the friend you want to send BP, tap on his or her avatar, and choose the option of Send BP. Keep in mind that you can send BP to ten friends per day.

Send Friends Bp
You can send BP to friends to increase the synergy.
  • Send Gifts To Friends

Apart from BP, PUBG Mobile players can also give friends gifts to increase the synergy between them. You also locate the friend you need to increase the synergy in the friend list, tap on his/her avatar, and choose the option of Send a Gift.

Space Gifts
Sending gifts to friends also helps increase the synergy.

Next, you will see two types of gifts: Gift for Spaces and Gifts in the Shop. There are many kinds of gifts for Spaces, such as Heart Chicken, Roast Chicken, Motorbike, PUBG cash, car, and plane. Sometimes, the game system also adds some special space gifts in different events.

Send Outfits To Friends
You can also send friends other gifts in the shops, such as outfits, ornaments, gift cards, etc.

Gifts in the Shop are also diverse, mainly include Radio, RP100 point card, classic crate coupon scrap, premium crate coupon scrap, Elite Pass Plus Upgrade Card, and Royale Pass Upgrade Card. The more precious gift you send, the more synergy points you get.

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How to set Lover Title in PUBG Mobile

To set Lover title with another player in PUBG Mobile, you need to accumulate enough 100 points and send them a connection request.

To be specific, you can check out the synergy point between you and your friends by clicking on their avatar in your friend list. The synergy point is displayed right under the avatar of your friends. When you have reached the required point for PUBG synergy lovers, send your partner the connection request. You need to reach 100 synergy points to send the connection request to your friends.

Pubg Set Lovers
Go to the profile space and tap on the connection button.

Send PUBG synergy lovers request

Follow these steps to request lover connection in PUBG Mobile:

  • Go to your profile and tap on the Connection section. The Connection button is placed right under your avatar on the top left corner of the phone screen.
  • Tap on the only Lover slot, then locate your lover on the pop-up screen.
  • Choose to send a connection request to your partner and select the Lover connection.
  • Ask your lover to accept your connection request
Check Out The Synergy Points
Check out the synergy points of you and your friends under the avatar box of your friends.

If you want to stand with your lover in the profile lobby so that everyone will know your relationship, you need to set partner with him/her.

How to set Partner in PUBG Mobile

More than lover, the required synergy point to become partners in PUBG Mobile is 400. Moreover, you can unlock further partner poses when increasing your synergy points to certain levels, including 1000, 2000, 2500, and 3000. The premium poses require high synergy points.

Set Partner
You need to reach 400 synergy points to set the partner connection with only one friend.

Lovers in PUBG Mobile often set partner connections so that their characters will appear in their partner's space. They will stand together so that other players will know their close-knit relationship in this game. It's very easy to set up the partner connection in this game. You also tap on the Connection button and click on the Partner option on the top right corner of the Connection box.

Partner Pose
You need to get more synergy points to unlock more partner poses.

Next, send the request partner to your lover. To unlock the Male-Male partner pose, get 2000 synergy points. If you want to unlock the Female-Female partner pose, get 2500 synergy points. The Male-Female partner pose requires you 3000 synergy points.

Those are things you need to know about PUBG synergy lovers. Let's show your love to the world and play with your partner more.

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