Apart from just a video game, PUBG Mobile is also a great place for people to get connected as we can add our real-life friends into our partner list. However, not everyone know that we can also add titles for our partners in-game. In fact, the PUBG Mobile partnership feature not only allows players to get connected with their friends and even lovers but also set tittle for them like BFF, Bromance, Buddy or Lover. In addition to that, you can also and feature them in your lobby. In case you have no idea how to enable this cool feature, check out some easy steps below and get them to strengthen your real-life relationship in the virtual world.

After setting girlfriend title in PUBG Mobile, they can feature in your lobby so you two can pose together

Before adding your friends or lover as a partner, make sure that you two have more than 400 synergies so you can send the partner request to them. There are many methods to get more synergy but the major way is to play matches together. In addition to that, exchanging gifts and BP to each other also increases your synergy. Once you meet the required synergy, please follow the steps below to set your partner as friends and lover in PUBG Mobile:

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How to add BFF or girlfriend in PUBG Mobile

1. Open the Friends menu and go to Synergy section

You can see all people you have connected with. Choose the people you want to set a title and the type of titles like Bromance, Lovers, Buddy, and BFF. Please note that you can only give a maximum of 5 people for the same title.

Chose types of relationship in the Synergy section

2. Go back to the homepage, click on your avatar to open your main menu


3. Then tap on the Synergy button on the top left corner. You will see the map of your current connections.


3. Go to the partnership button in the right bottom corner. You will see a pop up with which you can invite and accept partner requests.


Click Send a request to ask your partner to accept the new title. Once he/she accepts the request, this is the result you will get:


This is the basic pose with a partner you will get. By earning more Synergy, you can also unlock different poses. Is it cool huh? Open the game, send the request to your partner to see them in your lobby right now!

Taking a pose with your girlfriends or best friends is a cool way to prove how close you are. In addition to that, having a matching outfit is also a unique way to show how important your relationship is.  Visit our website Gurugamer.com for more interesting news about games and entertainment!

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