When it comes to the most popular and best mobile games 2020, PUBG Mobile or Free Fire might be the very first thing to come into your mind. However, in the mobile gaming world, there are plenty of other games that are also addictive. In addition to that, there are also latest-released games that caught the attention of players and quickly soar into the top trending list on both Google Play and Apple Store. Check out the list of 5 best games 2020 you cannot miss.

1. PUBG Mobile

Pubg Mobile Best Mobile Games 2020

PUBG Mobile, no need for introduction, is one of the most popular mobile games in the world with more than 50 crores users and counting. Being released at the beginning of 2019, PUBG Mobile was a true phenomenon that struck a chord among mobile gamers around the world. The mobile version of the infamous battle royale game PUBG is said to redefine the mobile gaming world. It is not only the leading one among the best mobile games in 2020 but also the top mobile games of all time.

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2. Free Fire

Kalahari Free Fire Best Mobile Games 2020

Another battle royale game to contribute to the popularity of the genre is Garena Free Fire. The game follows the same concept as PUBG Mobile as a limited number of players will drop in a battleground and fight against others in a limited time. Apart from fighting against enemies, Free Fire players also find it challenging and addictive of completing missions and collecting botty like pets, weapons, and outfits in the game.

3. Call of Duty: Mobile

Image 3 Cod Mobile Quickscoping Best Mobile Games 2020

Call of Duty Mobile is the stellar combination of battle royale and multiplayer genes which offer players different modes to go with based on their taste. The game is hailed as one of the best mobile games 2020 because of its graphics, UI, and classic maps from previous COD games.

4. Minecraft: Pocket edition

Minecraft Best Mobile Games 2020
Another game you should try among the best games to play with friends on phone is Minecreaft

Just like the former, this no.4 best mobile games 2020 is also a mobile adaption of a classic PC game: Minecraft. The game shares major similarities with the PC version like the graphics, resources, the game modes. While you are provided with unlimited resources in the creative game mode, the survivor one will force you to fight against zombie, creepers to build everything from scratch.

5. Stranger thing: The game

Stranger Things Game Best Mobile Games 2020

Being released in 2019, the action-adventure game Stranger things: The game, however, will bring you nostalgia feelings thanks to its 16-bit art design. The game was inspired and revolves around the Netflix originals Stranger Things 3. In addition to that, it also spices up with extra missions like collecting eggos, doing puzzles, and solving mysteries. The game is so engaging and you will fall over it immediately.

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