Being famous for frequent updates, the most popular battle royale on mobile devices - PUBG mobile once again killed it with the latest updated version. With the introduction of the brand new map - Library and a bunch of recently-added features, PUBG latest update definitely lives up to the hype. One of the most notable details of this version is the PUBG Mobile Gun Game mode which was integrated in the new map - Library.

The most special about this game mode is it's only accessible on weekends. PUBG mobile’s developers have made their official announcement about this new mode, saying that it is only available from Friday to Sunday. If you want to know more about this exciting game mode, continue reading.

PUBG Mobile Gun Game mode has been made available on the Libary map

What is PUBG Mobile Gun Game Mode

Introduced in the latest PUBG’s map - Library, Team Gun Game runs on a concept in which two teams battles on a square-shaped map. Library, as the first indoor map ever introduced in the game , has a symmetrical layout. There are 3 assault routes: left, right and center. By offering unique positions varying from on platform, behind bookshelves to in door ways, this new map provides the advantages of allocating the team strategically. Therefore, even with weaker weapons still have a good chance of secure a remarkable amount of kills.

When it’s come to Team Gun Mode, the primary objective for players is securing 18 kills. However, the game takes a different turn in terms of skills and weaponry. The final weapon is a pan, If the first player manages to secure a kill using a pan, he/she will get to roast his chicken for dinner! With each kill that a player gets, he/she will gain another weapon. The instant change of weapons is not only for upgrading but also makes the game more challenging. Since players have no authority to chose their next weapons, everyone will have to go through the same weapon chain starting from SMG guns to the final pan.

Pubg Mobile New Tdm Map Library

PUBG Mobile Gun Game Mode: Tip and Tricks

First and foremost, it’s necessary that you’ve adopted a basic dexterity with all kinds of weapons. Many players don’t even familiar with basic weapons like pistol or crossbow since there are numerous powerful weapons available in classic game scenarios. This lack of expertise may impede your way to roast the chicken dinner in this new model.

Since the game is rushing, finding your good shooting spot that you find comfortable with will help you gain the upper hand to spring upon other competitors. For example, you can make the most from positions like the secret passage or behind bookshelves.

If you are going to approach zones that are under guard of more than 2 opponents, make sure you have your squad accompanied. Teammates play an important role in circumstances like this since you can count on one another when unexpected problems arise.

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