Being introduced in 2017, Jio phone quickly became one of the most popular keyboard phones in India thanks to its affordable price. As the phone runs its own system and the RAM is low, you cannot play games like PUBG Mobile or Free Fire on a Jio Phone. However, there are some cool and entertaining games for Jio Phone you can find on the app store. Check out best games for jio phone keypad and games for Jio Phone download right below:

1. Tuk Tuk Go

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Tuk Tuk go is one of the best games for Jio phone you should try

Instead of racing a car or motorbike, you will find yourself into the endless running with a desi game Tuk Tuk Go. Your Tuk Tuk can transform into many other vehicles like hovercraft or rocket while you can get power-ups to make the race more thrilling.

2. Quick Tennis

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When it comes to sports games for Jio Phone, Quick Tennis is the game you need to try. Apart from choosing your character and your favourite game mode, you can also unlock different locations, balls and characters by purchasing them.

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3. Quick racing

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Apart from Tuk Tuk Go, Quick Racing is also one of the racing games for Jio Phone to keep you entertained. While Tuk Tuk Go has the India vibe, the game goes global with hyper racing cars and you can also choose your favorite racecourses around the world. All of the racing games for jio phone keypad can be found on Jio app store.

4. Crazy Cricket


Fans of cricket cannot miss Crazy Cricket which is inspired by casual street cricket in India. There are many street locations in India you can pick and enjoy the matches.

5. Tiny Army

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If you’re a fan of PUBG Mobile but cannot afford a smartphone Tiny Army is one of the best shooting games for Jio Phone. The battle games will offer you many weapons from guns to rifles, flamethrowers, and RPG to shoot down your enemies, tanks to be the winner of the war.

Above is the list of best games for Jio Phone. All of them are fun, simple and engaging to help you relieve stress after long days.  Visit our website for more interesting news about games and entertainment.