The Binod trend is clearly the hottest trend you can find on the social media over the past weeks as many people keep commenting ‘Binod’ in every post, Binod memes are everywhere, even police force and other brands also joined the games as Paytm even changed its Twitter username into Binod for a while. But who is Binod and how did he make it to be the biggest internet sensation in India, the facts are all set to be unveiled!

Brands Binod 759
Paytm changed its Twitter to Binod, but who is Binod?

Where does the trend Binod come from

It all started when an Indian Vlogger Slayy Point made a video with the title Why Indian Comments Section Is Garbage, explaining India people are giving meaningless comments on social media. He takes an example of a man named Binod Tharu, who keeps commenting on his name “Binod” in many different videos and even gets some likes for his nonsense act.

The video went viral and hit more than 70 lakhs views and 1 lakh comments and the interesting thing was that many people also commented ‘Binod’ in the comments sections.

Who is Binod?

Up to the moment, the detailed information about the most famous guy on the internet Binod is yet to be disclosed. All we know about him is that he has a Youtube account named Binod Tharu and no videos were uploaded until yesterday. After becoming viral just by writing his name on youtube videos, Binod gained his first 3 thousand subscribers and posted an official music video titled ‘Binod’, guess what the video is about?

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And do not forget to take a look at the comment section! You know what people will comment about the video!

The Binod trend is serious!

Why the netizen is still wondering who is Binod, his name has been everywhere. You might bump into several Binod memes as people keep replacing their names with the word Binod. Here are some of them:

Binod Meme 8 Binod Meme 7 Binod Meme 6

The Binod trend is reigning the internet and it is so serious that not only netizens but also police forces and international brands like Netflix, Tinder, or Paytm also joined the bandwagon. In fact, PayTM even changed its twiter name into Binod for a while and we were able to screenshot it. Check out their posts:

Binod 2
Source: Twitter / Tinder India
Binod Meme 5
Source: Twitter / Call 112

Binod Meme

Binod Meme 4

Binod Meme 3

The internet is sometimes irrational that some nonsense things can go viral for no reason. No one knows how long this trend will last but everyone is making fun of it. So Binod!

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