No internet and your phone are on low space? What a nightmare! If you’re getting bored and need to pass the times with some offline games for android under 50MB, you’re in the right place. Check out the list below:

10. Gravity Rider: Extreme Balance Space Bike RacingGravity Rider for Android - APK Download

Being one of the best offline games for android under 50MB, Gravity Rider: Extreme Balance Space Bike Racing is the best racing game you could get to your phone. Bike racing has never been so addictive like that as there are a lot of bikes and stages for you to explore. Apart from the original version, the game also has an adaption Gravity Rider Zero you should also give it a try.

9. Chain Reaction

Looking for a fun and relaxing game to kill time? Chain Reaction is one of the best choices you can get as everyone will quickly get addicted to it. The strategy game has both offline and multiplayer mode so you can play it alone or with a maximum of 8 players with an internet connection.

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8. Daddy Was a Thief

Daddy Was A Thief - Official Trailer - YouTube

With only 30MB, Daddy Was a Thief is lightweight, simple yet so addictive. As a bank robber, you need to break as much floor as possible to earn money. The game is more challenging with many obstacles on your way like cops or lasers while the bathtub will give you extra.

7. Brain Dots

Screen 5

Another puzzle strategy game to be on the list of 10 best offline games for android under 50MB is Brain Dots. The game is simple like you need to make the blue ball meet the red ball but the higher level you get, the more challenging it will be due to many extra features. The game is only 29MB and get more than 4 crore download on Google Play.

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6. Infinity Loop

Infinite Best Infinity Loop Games For Android

With impressive graphics, Infinity Loop not only helps you relax but also improve your logical thinking skills. The game revolves around the basic concept: connecting everything and make fun of it. Infinity Loop is not just ane entertaining puzzle game but also a mind clearer which ease the tension of your stressful life.

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5. Jungle Adventures

Jungle Adventures 2 800x480

When it comes to adventure games, Jungle Adventures is the highly-recommended one you should get to your low-end phone. The 21MB game will take you by surprise for what it can offer. The graphic is cool while the game can run smoothly on the lowest RAM. The game is free to play but you might have to see some ads just like many other free mobile games.

Here is what user talk about Jungle Adventures:

Really nice, well drawn graphics make this game a pleasure to play. But the thing that really won it for me is that the gameplay is very smooth and the controls are really responsive. Any other programmer who is making a platform game should study Jungle Adventures to see how it should be done!

4. 2

Paperio Game1

One of the best offline games for android under 50MB you should check out is 2, an adaption of The game will take your creativity to the next level. It supass the 100M download milestone on Google play as has more than 17 lakhs rating with the average score 4.2. The best thing about it is the game is friendly for kids so you can play it with your little brother/sister or your children.

3. Unblock Me FREE

Unblock Me

When it comes to puzzle strategy offline games for android under 50MB,Unblock Me is kind of a classic one which has accelerated more than 8 crore downloads on the online store. The game is super lightweight with just only 19MB but it doesn’t mean you won’t have fun with it. Your mission is to move the red block out of the brown ones and it will take much effort to do so. The game do not require internet connection or updates.

2. Farming Simulator 14


If you're interested in agriculture, download Farming Simulator 14 to your phone right now and set up the farm of your dream. The game will leave you in awn with stunning 3D graphics, a lot of features and mode. You also need to get level up to unlock these outstanding features.

1. Smash Hit

Smash Hit

Smash Hit is literally one of the most amazing offline games for android under 50MB you need to download right now. The game is a nerve wracking experience as you can smash objects with a metal ball and listening to the sound of glass cracking up is just so satisfying.

The game has more than 10 crore downloads and 4.5 star rating on Google play. Check out some of the feedback here:

My favourite game ever! No complaints at all! It's a quite challenging when you first start but after a few weeks you can reach checkpoint endless from start with 100 or more balls. I will recommend this game to anyone. - Gwion Tomos