In 2020, with the advancement of technology in both hardware and software, we are now able to play some of the best games on our mobile devices - games of a complexity never seen before on mobile. We are going to only focus on offline games on this particular list, however - here are the best offline games for Android under 500MB.

1 - GTA San Andreas

One of the best selling Rockstar games has been ported into the Android platform, fully remastered and optimized. GTA San Andreas is an open-world action-adventure RPG with over seventy hours of content - possibly more if you are a completionist.

Best Offline Games Under 500MB For Android
GTA SA gameplay

The game performs pretty well on most mid-tier android devices. In this game, you would step into the shoes of Carl Johnson and walk the part of crime and corruption why trying to uphold your honor and protect your family.

2 - Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic

One of the best RPG titles of all time, now ported onto Android. If you are a fan of the Star Wars franchise, the story of this game cannot be missed - it has an epic storyline along with excellent RPG mechanics.

Best Offline Games Under 500MB For Android
KOTOR gameplay

You would be able to travel to eight planets, including famous Star Wars locations like Tatooine and Kashykk. The story is set in the distant past, 4000 years before the movies - the choice is yours to become either a hero or a villain.

3 - Stardew Valley

If you are not a fan of the action RPG genre, maybe this peaceful farming game would be a good pick. Stardew Valley is a farming sim RPG in which you would tend for a farm in the countryside, with all its cattle and various crops. Deal with neighbors, explore the surrounding lands for treasures and secrets - there is even a dungeon to explore if you crave some action while playing.

Best Offline Games Under 500MB For Android
Stardew Valley gameplay

The graphics of the game is stylishly pixelized - you won’t have to worry about stressing out your device.

4 - Monument Valley

Monument Valley is a puzzle game in which you would manipulate the world’s impossible architecture to guide your character, a silent princess, to go through it. The game is one of the best-looking puzzle games on android to date, with a surreal, beautiful world dotted with impossible geometry and fantastical architecture…

Best Offline Games Under 500MB For Android
Monument Valley gameplay

Being a puzzle game, Monument Valley is definitely easier for the system - you can pretty much run it on most devices.

5 - Kingdom Rush Vengeance

If you are up for some tower defense action, Kingdom Rush Vengeance is probably the top choice on the list. While the graphics and gameplay of KR are phenomenal by themselves, the true star of the show is the variety: You would get to tinker with 13 upgradable heroes, 10+ items and artifacts, various powers, reinforcements, 30 upgrades… and more.

Best Offline Games Under 500MB For Android
Kingdom Rush Gameplay

There are 18 new towers to choose from, along with the roster from previous games. Each has a unique ability and various special powers.

6 - Out There: Omega Edition

This is an adventure game in which you would step into the shoes of an astronaut whose ship is stranded on an unknown place in the galaxy. You would have to survive in space by tinkering your ship with whatever you can gather drifting around while getting to safe spots to refill your oxygen.

Best Offline Games Under 500MB For Android
Out There gameplay

Being an adventure game, there would be no combat in this. Instead, you would be able to explore a procedurally generated galaxy with every new playthrough, 350+ multiple choices, an epic main quest with 4 different endings… and more.

7 - Crashlands

An action RPG with a little bit of everything incorporated in - crashlands is one of the most resourceful android games ever released. You would play as Flux Dabes, a Galactic Trucker who crashed onto a strange, alien planet while randomly stepped onto an evil plot.

Best Offline Games Under 500MB For Android
Crashlands gameplay

There are just so many things to play and explore, with over 500 craftable items in the world and infinite inventories. Alongside that are a robust skill-based combat system, with base building, RPG progression and even tamable pets.

8 - Verdict for Best Offline Games For Android Under 500MB

These are all the top Android games of their genre - they are all paid games, however. If you want to get them, there should be apk files over in Apkpure. Interested in more of our articles related to the best games for androids? Please check out this post to find out more about the top 5 best games similar to Diablo.