PUBG Mobile is a very competitive Esports and at the highest level, in which players’ skill is about the same, the role of In-Game Leader or IGL is more important than ever. Every squad would have a person whose job is to read the map and the situation then call the shot - the IGL is not necessarily the team leader but usually, they are.

Currently, we have a pretty decent number of IGL in the Indian PUBG Mobile community – and in this article, we would list out the top 5 best IGL in the country, at no particular order.

Owais (Fnatic)

Mohammed "Owais" Lakhani

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Owais was catapulted to fame during his time with Team Soul back in 2019, in which they won India’s two highest PUBG Mobile titles and become the “dream team” and a national sensation. Owais’ strongest point was is the ability to lead and his gameplay – under his wing, Fnatic came second in PMIS 2020 – and in ESL India Premiership 2020, they are just 1 point short of the first place. While Fnatic hasn’t been performing too well recently, they are recovering pretty well and might get back on track soon.

Clutchgod (TSM Entity)

Vivek Aabhas "ClutchGod" Horo

Clutchgod has become one of the best leaders in PUBG Mobile’s pro scene, despite being rather young at only 17 years old. He has managed to prove that age is just a number by performing flawlessly as a captain and an assaulter at the same time – which is one of the more demanding roles in-game.

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Under his leadership, TSM Entity has continued Ghatak’s former aggressive winning formula and continues to be an international contender, with victories in both PMIS 2020 and PMCO Fall Split Global Finals. Along with one of the best Assaulter in the world, JONATHAN, TSM Entity would continue to dominate for sure.

Mavi (Orange Rock Esports)

Harmandeep "Mavi" Singh

Mavi is the in-game leader of Orange Rock, one of the most successful organizations in PUBG – while they haven’t got much critical success, their steady performance keeps them relevant to the scene. The guy constantly adapts to new meta and such, with a consistent growth that no one on the team would be able to replace.

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About Mavi's playstyle, well, ever since his early days, has always been about getting those placement points instead of kills – and that usually paid off. The most chicken dinner they have ever gotten is 10, during PMPL South Asia.

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