PUBG is no doubt one of the most popular battle royale games in the world today and there is no other way about it. The leading game stuns its players with a vast of realistic mechanism and features.  However, the multiplayer battle game can be played only with an internet connection. If you're searching for offline games like PUBG, take the below games into consideration:

offline games like PUGB
What are the best offline games like PUBG, check them out!

1. Scarfall: The Royale Combat

Launched by the Phoenix Games Teams, Scarfall: The Royale Combat is the perfect offline games like PUBG you can ever get on your mobile. In fact, it has both the online and offline mode so you can play it even when there is no internet connection.

Just like many other games in the genre, Scarfall will take players to the arena where they fight against each other to win the title. However, everything about this game will remind you of the classic Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, which makes Scarfall the top pick of most players. The game map will allow you to track down your enemies while you can get yourself a vast range of weapons.

2. Swag Shooter

The second best offline games like PUBG is Swag Shooter which also belongs to the Phoenix Games Teams. Just like its name, Swag Shooter will breathe a new and swaggy life into the classic survival battlegrounds. Just like the

The game can work with or without internet connection and features only FPS multiplayer war. Apart from the same gameplay which is similar for other games of the line, in Swag Shooter, you can dress your character in a cool way with many different types of costumes. In addition to that, Express train system is also a special feature of the game which allows players to get back to the safe zone and experience the coolest FPS shooting gameplay.

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3. Battleground Survivor: Battle Royale

Battleground Survivor: Battle Royale is one of the best offline games like PUBG you should also give it a try. The game is said to be 99% similar to PUBG and the only different thing is that you can play it offline. 

By starting the game, you will find yourself jumping off a plane and landing on the arena. Pick up some gear and guns to survive the battle. You will need to fight against many opponents in the battleground which is getting smaller after every single minute. 

In addition to that, you will be amazed by the First-Person Shooting experience as there is a wide range of weapons available. 

4. Desert Battleground

Another survival game that is said to be one of the best offline games like PUBG is Naxeex Studio’s Desert Battleground. You will find yourself among the realistic sand dunes, fighting against bunches of enemies to survive with vast options of  Weaponry and Ammunition. 

A special feature of Desert Background is the moving hazard area which is challenging and appealing at the same time. You need to stay focused and move intensively as enemies can appear from nowhere and kill you in no time. Bare in mind with the thought of being the last person who survives.

5. Blood Rivals

If you’re looking for a pure duplicate of PUBG, check out Blood Rivals. The game copies the same idea from the leading game from the parachute jump, weapon picks to the area which decreases its size after minutes. Apart from battle royale mode, there are also many other game modes available in Blood Rivals and the most interesting part of it is that you can play it anytime, anywhere without the internet connection.

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6. Red West Royale: Practice Editing

While the game is based on the same ideas just like other games in battle royale genes, Red West Royale: Practice Editing breathes a new life into the classic game with a unique graphic design. In fact, it is 2D graphic but looks like 3D.

In addition to that, players can also put up different types of defenses to prevent bullets or use a stair to get a higher viewpoint. Get Blood Rivals download and explore it yourself.

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