When playing games, you will often hear terms and phrases that sound quite strange that you've never heard before. And PUBG Mobile is no different when it comes to hearing lots of terms that are often spoken by players when in the game.

If you have just started playing PUBG Mobile or haven't gotten used to the in-game lingo just yet, it's important to know some meanings of the important PUBG Mobile terms that are used in the game to communicate.

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By knowing the following terms, PUBG Mobile players can better understand each other's communication and will not be hampered to carry out actions according to team orders:

15 Important Terms and Phrases You Need to Know on PUBG Mobile

1. Looting

This is the most basic term that you need to know, Looting is an activity carried out by the players to collect the items needed either in the places on the map or take from the enemy loot box after they are dead.

PUBG Mobile Terms Phrases To Know Looting

2. Flank

Flank is a way to attack enemies by moving and besieging from the right or left side. You can do this when the enemy is on a low altitude or when you surround them with your squad.

3. Sandwich

Sandwich in PUBG Mobile is a term to inform the position of the player that is being pressed or flanked. Usually in this position, the player is surrounded by enemies from all directions and cannot fight effectively.

4. Compound

This term is used to refer to names of places of protection such as houses, buildings, trees, stones, and other places.

Farm PUBG Mobile Terms Phrases To Know

5. Rush/Rushing

Terms like this arise when the player is about to come and knock out enemies who are taking refuge in the compound.

6. Push/Pushing

This term is different from "Rush" since Push/Pushing is used by players who are fighting their opponents and are willing to attack the stronger enemy when the enemy is pressed and only a few people are left.

7. Spray Down

This is a term for firing at the enemy continuously. For example, 'spray down' enemy cars that are passing by.

8. Knock Down/Out

This often spoken term has the meaning of being seriously injured as a result of an enemy attack. Players who get Knock[ed] Down/Out can continue the game if they have been successfully revived by their teammates.

9. Rev/Revive

Revive is an act of rescue for teammates who got Knock[ed] Down/Out.

10. Prone

This term is the position of the player's body when doing prone. Many players are prone when playing Sanhok maps.

PUBG Mobile Terms Phrases To Know Revive

11. Open Field

This is a term to describe a player's position in the middle of an open area and there are no compounds in that area. This position is very vulnerable to attacks from the enemy.

12. Lower Ground

Lower Ground is a position that is in the lowlands in the game. When you are in a low ground position you are more likely to be seen by the enemy.

13. High Ground

This term is the opposite of the lower ground. Positions in the higher grounds are good for spotting and tracking enemies from relative safety.

14. Camper

This describes the method of playing in which the player chooses to play safe, hiding, and taking cover inside compounds.

15. Spike

The term is used if the bullet fired by the player is coming out late or pauses briefly in the middle while being ejected. This is caused by lagging or loss of frames that occur on the player's smartphone.

And these were some of the terms most often used that you need to know in PUBG Mobile. For more gaming news, updates, and articles, check out our website at GuruGamer.com.