As we know, PUBG Mobile is a Battle Royale mobile game with many game modes. You are given the opportunity to master the game alone, but it can also be for you and your friends. But when playing with friends, you don't need just skills but the ability to be a good teammate.

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What does it mean? PUBG Mobile has a mode for playing with your friends. Not only with friends you know, but PUBG Mobile also gives you the opportunity to play with other strangers according to the region where your account server is located.

Did you know that building good communication is essential to being a good teammate? Why does playing PUBG Mobile require being good and ethical? And how to be a good teammate exactly when playing PUBG Mobile with friends? Let's explore these questions below:

Being a Good Teammate on PUBG Mobile When Playing With Others

1. Discuss Which Map to Play On

When you play PUBG Mobile with your friends, not all of them have a map taste that suits yours. For example there are friends who don't like Sanhok, so it will definitely be annoying for them if you as a lobby leader start the game in Sanhok.

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If you are the lobby leader, at least don't forget to ask questions like "What map do you want to play in?" to get an agreement from the beginning of the game. If the map has been determined beforehand, then choose the agreed-upon map to play.

Playing on a map based on mutual agreement will certainly build a good mood from the beginning of the game. Which is why don't ever set a map based on your own choice.

2. Choose a Good Jump Leader

When you are on Spawn Island, you have plenty of time to determine who is the jump leader. If there are players who say that they do not dive properly or correctly, then do not force them to be a jump leader.

The choice will be twofold, either you separate to find your own safe place or keep trying to drop at a location without a clear certainty that you will succeed against the enemy. So before the aircraft takes you to the location you want, choose a player who does have good jumping skills as a jump leader.

3. Land on Agreed Location

Not all players have good knowledge about where to land properly if decided from the path of the plane's flight. If you are a player who likes to play intensely, it will definitely be easy to choose a place to land, i.e. the popular city closest to the plane's flight path.

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But being a jump leader does not mean having a special right to determine which location to land on, as it still must be based on the group's agreement, in a team or squad. Make sure you get off at the location determined by the squad's agreement and where the needs of each player in the squad can be met.

4. Share with Each Other

When you feel that your equipment is sufficient, other players may not feel the same way. If you have excess equipment, it is mandatory for you to offer it to your friends.

When you are also collecting pieces, it will be better if you ask what are still lacking for your friends. After you ask questions like that, you will definitely receive responses like "I haven't used the grip yet", "Need suppressors for sniper", and so on.

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Then when you are looking for and accidentally find the items mentioned earlier, let them know that you found them. Don't just loot for your own needs, but also have to think about the needs of other players.

5. Share the Kills

Some players must be very skilled at shooting so you often see them quickly killing players or even bots that roam. If you are a skillful player, it's important for you to share kills, especially if there are bots on the loose.

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Sharing kills of genuine players may be difficult to do because of the urgent circumstances and it is impossible to decide the enemy was killed by whom. However, you can share kills by killing player bots. If you have killed 1 bot, and know that your friend does not have any kills at all, then give the bot to your friend.

6. Share Enemy Information

When you see an enemy, don't shoot at him right away. Because in addition to endangering yourself, this can also endanger your team because indirectly, you are revealing your team's position to the enemy. And especially if you are accidentally disabled while your friends do not know the enemy position, everything will be more difficult because of a lack of preparation.

How would it be if you saw the enemy group and you shot at them but you are shot down instead? Your friends will certainly be confused looking for where the enemy is or immediately try to help you without looking for the enemy position. Which is why always let your friends know enemies' locations.

7. Bring a Vehicle

Playing in squad mode will certainly require vehicles, otherwise, it will be dangerous for you and your own team. When you have a vehicle, then you will find it easier to go to the next zone faster.

However, not all players have knowledge of how to use a good vehicle, not all players understand how to drive quickly to avoid enemies, and not all players in PUBG Mobile understand the streets on all maps without having to open the mini-map.

Make sure among your team, there is someone who has the ability to drive the vehicle properly and correctly. If none of you have that ability, at least alternate the driver so that each player has the opportunity to drive. When you become passengers, don't be passive. You need to look around you to monitor conditions.

8. Be Respectful When Looting

When you see your friend kill an enemy, do not immediately approach the loot crate and take its contents. Because it is not polite behavior, so you need to wait for your friend to finish and leave the loot crate, only then can you try to loot. Killing enemies is not easy, so you need to appreciate their efforts.

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Then what if one of your friends kills an enemy squad? Ask for permission from your friends like "Can I loot this crate?" If they permit, then you can open the enemy crate. Most likely your friends would always allow it without you having to ask, but to be a good teammate, you must always ask for permission first.

9. Smoke When Revive

When your friends are paralyzed by enemy fire, it is important for you to drop smoke when you are reviving. This helps you avoid enemy fire. More importantly, when you do battle or shootout which is quite intense, the sound of gunfire from your team and the enemy team will be heard by other teams.

So do not rule out there are other enemies who might come up to you or even monitor your team from a distance. This is the importance of using Smoke Grenade when you are reviving your friends, which is to protect you and your team position from the presence of other enemies.

10. Revive Before Looting

When your friends have been downed by the enemy, and the battle is over or the enemy has been crushed by your team while your friend was knocked out, then the first thing you have to do is save your friends first.

If you let your greed take over and ignore your friend who continues to experience blood loss, this is something that is completely rude and an example of being a poor teammate that everyone would realize. You might not survive or win the battle if your crippled friend does not sacrifice himself to be a diversion for the enemy.

So save them first and give them medicine, then you can loot the enemy. Don't forget to offer your friends to collect the loot from the enemy, too.

Hopefully, the article has provided you with enough knowledge or information on how to be a good teammate when playing PUBG Mobile together with your friends. For more gaming news, updates, and articles, check out our website at