As we know, PUBG Mobile is a Battle Royale game that gives you a large selection of weapons. All these weapons are provided so that you can use them without any restrictions. And if you are a SMG lover who wants to conquer Classic Mode in this game, which is pretty difficult, you can.

There are no limits on the weapons nor missions to complete during a match. There is no money to spend on certain weapons to use them. PUBG Mobile provides all these weapons that can be used however you want and there is no difference in performance at each level.

For example, there are no weapons that can change or upgrade their performance if you successfully reach a certain level or successfully complete certain missions. All weapons are permanent, their characteristics cannot be changed.

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Besides having fixed characteristics, PUBG Mobile provides several types of weapons with characteristics that are almost never the same. For example, if you like to play at a very close distance, you can use a SMG (Submachine Gun), Shotgun, or Pistol.

And when fighting is carried out at medium range, you can use AR (Assault Rifle) and LMG (Light Machine Gun) weapons. Even at a great distance, you will be familiar with the DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle) and SR (Sniper Rifle) weapons.

The problem is, not all players are able to control or master all types of weapons. But do not rule out the possibility that with practice and a lot of hours you will be able to master all weapon types in PUBG Mobile.

Many players can only master one or two weapons classes, there are even some players who can only master a few specific weapons. And what about the players who can only master one type of weapon, because they really enjoy playing with it?

For example, we are talking about SMG weapons users who like to get up close and personal. But how do you use SMG weapons from the beginning to the end of the classic mode game? Take a look at the instructions below and find out:

Understand the Characteristics of PUBG Mobile SMGs First

If you want to only use SMG weapons in a classic mode game, then what you must first do is understand the characteristics of each weapon in the SMG class. It's not easy, but you can learn it in training mode.

You don't need to be sure of the exact statistical number to describe the weapon in each of its aspects. For example, on bullet distance, you can see measure it in training mode by shooting the target board at the distance you specify.

Shoot the board from a really close distance, until it is really far away to make sure you grasp the extent to which the SMG bullets will fly straight before finally experiencing a bullet drop.

In addition to recognizing the characteristics, you also need to recognize the attachments needed for these weapons. For example, if you want to the use Micro Uzi, make sure you understand what attachments are suitable for it.

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Is it better to use muzzle Compe, Flash Hider, or Suppressor? The answer is depending on the comfort of your own fingers when using it.

Know What the Map Options are

PUBG Mobile has four maps, namely Erangel, Vikendi, Miramar, and Sanhok. As you already know, all four maps have their own characteristics. Starting from the size, shape of the building, even to the size of the area and speed of the zones at each level.

Of the four maps, it's actually fine to play in all of them using only SMG weapons. However, you must really understand the maps and adjust your strategy with them.

For example, you can imagine how Miramar is the map with the largest landmass and geographical conditions that are very open. Such characteristics favor the weapons that are AR, LMG, DMR, to SR. However, what if you can only use SMG weapons?

Erangel Miramar Sanhok Vikendi Map HD Print Raw Map Gloss pubg mobile using smg guide

This is the importance of understanding the characteristics of weapons as we explained previously. Since some weapons such as SMG have a short range and the bullets drop faster, it is not possible for you to shoot enemies that are far away using this weapon type.

Then the alternative is, you can find the best possible strategy for getting up close to an enemy. There are various strategies that might be adjusted for your gameplay. For example, you can approach the enemy by using a vehicle, you can also use smoke to clear the path to the enemy if you do not use a vehicle.

If you find it difficult to play with SMG weapons on a large map of Erangel and Miramar, you can choose to play on a small map like Vikendi and Sanhok. Vikendi has a distribution of weapons that are mostly dominated by SMG weapons, indicating that Vikendi is suitable for playing with SMGs.

Sanhok does not have as many selections of SMGs in Vikendi, but this map is the smallest map compared to the other three maps and has a geographical contour in the form of forests with very thick grasses which will make it easier for you to hunt enemies at close range.

Don't Use the Same Weapon

PUBG Mobile provides two slots for weapons, and both slots can be filled with the same or different weapons. So when you play PUBG Mobile, generally the two slots are filled with primary weapons or short and medium-range weapons, and the second slot for long-range weapons.

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However, when you use only one type or class of weapons, at least don't use the same weapons.

Weapons in the SMG class have different rates of fire and bullet distances, and although they have the same function which is for close combat, each SMG still performs a specific role within that function.

You can use one weapon for close-range with a high rate of fire, and another SMG with a fairly long range.

For example, you can use Micro Uzi or Vector as the main weapon, or weapons that you use for close combat. The second slot you can fill with weapons that have a fairly long range, for example like the UMP45.

Micro Uzi does not have too much distance, but its high rate of fire can be relied upon for close combat. While UMP45 does not have as much of a high rate, the range of the weapon can be relied on if you use it to shoot at a somewhat longer distance or medium range.

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Hopefully, the article has provided something useful for players who love the compact and simplicity of SMGs and love to use them to survive in PUBG Mobile Classic. For more gaming news, updates, and articles, check out our website at