John Wick may be able to wipe out an entire gang of mobsters with a pencil after they kill his puppy dog, but there is an enemy against which not even the character played by Keanu Reeves can defeat: the new coronavirus disease. What happened was John Wick 4 has been officially delayed because of this invisible enemy that you can't kill with a pencil.

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These pencils are definitely not for writing

Despite the fact that Lionsgate has tried to set the original release date proposed for John Wick 4 sometime in May 2021, the distributor has finally had to assume that time was not in their favor and has finally announced that the fourth installment of the John Wick saga won't arrive at the theaters until May 2022, or one year later as reported by the Screenrant website.

Although the decision to delay John Wick 4 may benefit them in the long term, because by chance, the date originally proposed for the premiere of John Wick 4, coincided with another major release of 2021 also starring Keanu Reeves.

john wick 4 release date delay coronavirus
John Wick finally meets his match, an enemy he cannot see coming

Another film company, Warner Bros, planned to release Matrix 4 in the month of May 2021, which had been filming for four weeks when everything had to be halted. At the moment, it seems that Keanu Reeves' other sequel could come out in May 2021, but it was evident that if the Matrix continued filming after the summer, it would've been impossible for Keanu to be able to finish two movies in just eight months.

Now that the John Wick franchise has left the world of sleeper hits and become a major action blockbuster series in all its right, Lionsgate's decision is more than correct. Because even without the coronavirus crisis, it was a more-than-risky move to directly compete in theaters versus a franchise like The Matrix that fans have been waiting for years for a new installment.

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