PUBG Mobile is an incredible game with a huge number of weapons for players to take advantage of. The thing that separates good players from mediocre ones is the ability to make the most out of the weapons they are given. While an Assault Rifle is the best choice, you would not be able to get your hand on one 100% of the time. If that happens, SMG or Submachine Gun is the second-best choice. In this guide, would list out the best SMGs in PUBG Mobile, their stats and how to use them more effectively.

what is smg in pubg mobile
What is SMG in PUBG Mobile: A complete guide for all SMGs in PUBG Mobile and how to use them effectively

1 - Best SMG in PUBG Mobile: An Overview of the Submachine Gun Class

PUBG Mobile's developers have done a pretty good job balancing the SMGs in the game - each gun has its own niche uses while retaining the ability to dish out decent firepower at an appropriate range. With PUBG Mobile having 2 primary weapon slots instead of one, taking one Assault Rifle and one SMG for close-range combat is not a bad idea at all. While being mechanically identical, each SMG actually has its own unique strengths and weaknesses.

The UMP45 is an amazing all-rounder weapon and probably the most popular choice here - it comes with a fast fire rate, decent damage per hit, a huge clip and low recoil. You can probably spam this gun for days as long as you have enough ammo. The Micro Uzi is best at non-aimed hip spraying due to its ultra-fast rate of fire, the highest in the class. While the Uzi's bullet damage is rather low, the speed more than made up for that.

The Kriss Vector is a bit rarer, but it probably is the best SMG in the game, with high damage and a fast rate of fire. Last on the list is the Tommy Gun - while this gun has the highest damage and largest ammo capacity, it cannot be equipped with any sights for attachments - you would have to use the iron sight every time. Below are some tables that contain various stats of the Submachine Gun class.

smg in pubg mobile
SMG in PUBG Mobile: Basic stats of all SMGs in the game - most of them use the .45 ACP ammo

With the table above cover all the basics about SMGs, the next thing we need to include is the output of all SMG class weapons against different vests and helmets. The table below would cover the details.

What is SMG in PUBG Mobile
What is SMG in PUBG Mobile: Vest and helmet damage of all SMGs

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2 - Best SMG in PUBG Mobile: How to use PUBG Mobile's Submachine Guns

Micro Uzi

This is the king of hip-fire spray at close range if you have a decently accurate aim. The Micro Uzi can be further improved with a stock and extended magazine - with those two attachments equipped, the guy would become a wholly different weapon that can spew out the whole magazine in an outrageously short time.

SMG in PUBG Mobile
SMG in PUBG Mobile: The golden Micro Uzi

Overall, if you have the Uzi, your chances in close combat are really good, as you would be able to out spam every gun with minimal recoil and decent accuracy. The hard thing about this weapon is that you have to know how to use the Iron Sight, as it cannot be equipped with any sights attachments. A compensator can fit on the gun as well, but it is more or less unneeded.

UMP 45

This is probably the most used SMG in both PUBG Mobile and all other FPS. It has the highest effective range in its class - the thing is effective even in mid-range due to its higher damage and stability. While sniping with an SMG is not something you want to do, but the ability to spam bullets would make up for the lost damage from an assault rifle. The gun has a large magazine so you would have ample chances to do that.

What is SMG in PUBG Mobile
What is SMG in PUBG Mobile: The UMP 45 is probably the most common SMG

Attachments are not necessary on a UMP 45, however, getting some equipped is still pretty nice. You should try to get a vertical or angled grip, a suppressor and an extended quickdraw magazine for the best version possible of the gun.

Kriss Vector

The most damaging SMG - the Vector is the best choice for close quarter combat if you are unfamiliar with using other SMGs. It is the closest to an Assault Rifle, with a higher damage per hit than the other guns in the class. If you are accurate with your sprays, you can make short work of any targets in a close encounter.

Best SMG in PUBG Mobile
Best SMG in PUBG Mobile: The Kriss Vector is a strong weapon with a limited magazine

The weakness of this gun is that its magazine only has 13 bullets - you have to make every bullet count... or get an extended magazine mod. You don't really need anything else except for that attachment, but some more stuff like a different grip, barrel, stock, and sight would be nice. The Kriss Vector is best used with sight, but with some practice, you can definitely hip fire it.

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Tommy Gun

The classic SMG that you could find in movies. The Tommy Gun has a huge clip size of fifty and the second-highest damage per bullet in the SMG class, and a decent fire rate as the cherry on top. This gun can be a decent option in squad mode in which you have to face multiple enemies in close-quarter combat.

Best SMG in PUBG Mobile
Best SMG in PUBG Mobile: The Tommy Gun can be a useful weapon in the right hands

In that specific case, the 50 rounds magazine of the Tommy Gun would be the most effective. The weakness of this gun is that you would not be able to equip any sight - you have to practice your ability to do hip fire or iron sights.

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