High ping is an annoying issue in PUBG Mobile. It causes lag when you play this game and makes your experience worse. So, let’s check out five tips to fix this problem with Gurugamer.com.

Turn off Auto Sync

Auto-sync wastes your phone a lot of battery and a great amount of bandwidth. So, this feature can cause lag when you play games. To avoid this problem, you should disable auto-sync to make rooms for the game data. It helps improve your in-game experience. 

Avoid Lag Due To High Ping
Avoid Lag Due To High Ping in PUBG Mobile

Use A Game Booster

Most smartphones on the market now are equipped with one of the game boosters. If your phone doesn’t have one, you can download and install a game booster to make you play PUBG Mobile better.

Pubg Mobile Graphics
Reduce ping to play PUBG Mobile smoothly

There are many types of game boosters for you to choose on the internet. For example, OxygenOS of OnePlus devices gives you great gaming time by disabling background activities on your phone. Besides, it boosts data and Wi-Fi for PUBG Mobile.

Use the GFX Tool

You can download this tool from Google Play Store to use. GFX tool allows you to change some features in PUBG Mobile, such as shadows, texture quality, resolution, and also reflections. Sometimes, high-quality graphics may cause high ping because your devices or Wi-Fi network is too weak to run the game at low ping. Therefore, the GFX tool is useful to deal with high ping issues in PUBG Mobile.

Fix High Ping Pubg Mobile
Adjust graphics quality to reduce ping

Change The Server

It can be a secret in PUBG Mobile: players can switch servers within this game. You can do it by tapping on the server selection and choosing another region to change the server. Then, switch until you choose the right server that your ping is low enough. If it doesn’t work, you can use a free and good VPN tool like Turbo VPN available in the Google Play Store to help you change to a better server. 

Pubg Mobile High Ping Change Server
Change Server To Fix High Ping Issue

Repair the Game

If those tips do not work with you, you need to solve the problem from your app. Delete and reinstall PUBG Mobile in your devices. Then, all the settings like controls and graphics are also reset. 

High Ping Issue Pubg Mobile Fix
Reinstall the game to fix all problems

Those are the five best tips that you can try to repair the problem of high ping in PUBG Mobile. Hopefully, at least one of them can help you fix the issue to give you better experiences in this game.

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