As the PUBG Mobile competitive scene has changed in 2020, making the competition harsher. Many PUBG Mobile teams in India have to make changes to their rosters, strategies in order to grow stronger or get left behind. The tension between teams is also getting stronger, making many pro players unable to keep their calm during matches and insult their opponents. The latest incidents involved the 2 most beloved PUBG Mobile teams in India SouL and Fnatic as they insult INES and Umumba.

Although apologies have been made and things have settled down, its impact has caused some major changes to both teams.

MortaL and ScoutOP create a new team

After the incident with team UMumba, ScoutOP has been removed from the active roster of team Fnatic. They said that they were trying new strategies for the team, which didn't require the skill of ScoutOP.

Mortal is also reportedly going to step down and let SouL Aman take his place. He has explained everything in one of his recent streams.

But it seems that both MortaL and ScoutOP has a plan for their own and they are going to make a new PUBG Mobile team together. MortaL has already announced the news on his official Facebook fan page.

Mortal announces that he and ScoutOP will create a new PUBG Mobile team for their own

This is such unbelievable and wonderful news. It's great to see the most beloved professional PUBG Mobile players in India are going to play together on the same team. I can't wait to see them playing together in tournaments and I am sure that it will be one of the best if not the best team in India.

Are you exciting to see this will MortaL and ScoutOP work together in one team?

If you do then I am really sorry for you as this is just an April Fools joke. This is only fictional news and both players are still playing for their teams. Happy April Fools' Day!!!