PUBG Mobile's Crew Challenge Season 8 is almost here. This event is probably one of the biggest opportunities that an amateur player could go pro in PUBG Mobile. In order to provide a more quality experience and ensure balance and fair matches, PUBG Mobile's developers have made various security improvements.

Several individual requirements and crew verification have just been implemented into the registration procedure for the Crew Challenge. In order to qualify, crews would have to reach an average of one hundred verification points.

The official announcement from PUBG Mobile's Twitter

These points can be gathered using various methods: you can either link your social account, reach 300+ matches or get to at least Platinum Rank. Each of these criteria would add ten to thirty points on your total score depending on how high the stats are. For example, a player with 2 social media platforms linked, platinum rank and 100 games on his account would only get 50 points, below the 100 requirements and therefore cannot complete the registration.

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Rewards for the top 10 squads in Crew Challenge

The crew verification score is the average of the individual score of every member in the team, however. Because of that, team members would have to meet the requirements or the other guys would have to carry the rest of the points. Each phase of the challenge would require an increasing number of points, however, so even if you are able to pass 100, you would not be able to carry on unless the player solves their issues in time. Qualifying Rounds would need 120, Prelim would need 160 and Finals would need 180 and an additional 4 minutes security check. Players who caught using modifiers or plug-ins would be banned for at least 10 years.

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Unique titles for the top 10

The challenge would be split into 3 phases. Below is season 8's schedule:

  • Qualifying round: 6 matches each day, from Apr 3 to 12, with a break after April 5
  • Prelims: 3 matches every day from Apr 15 to 19
  • Finals: 4 matches on Apr 24 and 25

The winner would get an exclusive unique set, with an accompanying weapon skin and helmet. Other exclusive rewards would be available for the 2nd to 10th ranked team. The tournament would start on Apr 3. For more information about PUBG Mobile and its recent events, please check out the PUBG Mobile tag on Gurugamer.