This is probably to get more players to playtest those modes - in PUBG Mobile, you would need a large number of people to commit if you want to test anything, as most people just want to play the normal mode.

The official announcement tweet from PUBG Mobile's official Twitter

People who join Arena TDM games from now to Apr 2 would be rewarded with extra supply crates - these rewards would be switched into the Payload mode from Apr 3 to 5. Rage Gear mode is not included in the reward category, only the Arena tab's TDM mode count. Team Deathmatch with its endless respawn and constant firefight is pretty much the opposite of PUBG Mobile's usual gameplay and that's why the mode is not nearly as popular enough. There is no "surviving", with the victory granted to the team with the highest point in the time limit.

Payload mode is getting improved with each update. The latest one added airstrikes similar to Call of Duty.

The other experimental mode, Payload, is in the PlayLab tab. This game mode is currently experimented on by the development team and is likely to be changed in the future based on the results and feedback from the community. Afterward, it would become an official game mode.

Team Deathmatch is one of the more common game modes in every FPS.

The Payload mode is similar to the usual battle royale, but with slightly different rules and features. Players can pick up their killed teammate's card and resurrect them by bringing it to a beacon - this respawn feature is pretty much ripped right out of Apex Legends. Exclusive vehicles and weapons that were added to this game mode are the NGL Grenade Launcher and the Armored vehicle, along with the Helicopter and Super Weapon Crate.

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The Fullmetal Commando set is going to be available for a limited time

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